• Dr. Saryn L. Hatcher, Principal 

    Dr. Saryn Hatcher Sandalwood High School Principal Greetings Saint Nation! 

    Welcome Back for another great Saint Year. The 2019-2020 school year is poised for us to make our largest mark on the educational institution as a whole. I am extremely excited to be your principal for now the third year. I am also happy to report in our Annual #SaintsNation Report that we are once again an “A” school for the third straight year. Our graduation rate has climbed from 95% to 99% in such a short time. We made significant student learning gains in Mathematics, while establishing all-time proficiency levels in both U.S. History and Biology.

    Sandalwood has been designated by the FLDOE as a School of Excellence, while picking up another academic award by ECTAC for a School Exceeding Standards. As a United Nations Child Friendly School and AVID Demonstration Site, we still do not believe our work is done.  On the contrary, sustainable greatness is at our doorstep and we are moving forward to ensure all students succeed. 

    As your principal, my focus is to get us to this next level by concentrating on Every Student, Every Classroom, Every Day. We look forward to you as a Saint Stakeholder providing feedback, volunteering, and contributing to our way of work.  I am excited as we focus together to make Sandalwood a sustainably great school.   


    Dr. Saryn L. Hatcher, Principal

    Sandalwood High School

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