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    The Gifted Program
    The Gifted Program offers students an enriched academic learning experience. Classes include more in-depth application of skills through special projects and hands-on experiences. Students who have been staffed into the Gifted Program receive one full day of Gifted Resource on-site.
    Gifted activities and instructional strategies are incorporated into the regular academic programs as well.  Students who have been identified for the gifted program are placed into classes with other gifted students to allow more opportunities for extended learning when appropriate.
    In order for a child to be in the Gifted Program, they must be first recommended to the Guidance office by their teacher or parents can request testing.  Your child's homeroom teacher is your first point of contact at the school.  Once they are recommended,  they will be tested to see if they qualify for gifted services.


    Gifted Schedule by Grade Level


    Kindergarten, First Grade


    Fourth Grade


    Third Grade


    Fifth Grade


    Second Grade


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