• Highlands' School Counseling Department

    Our School Counseling Program fosters a support team that ensures the social/emotional and academic development of our students.  Our school counselors provide support via classroom lessons, support circles for small group counseling and individual counseling.  Our goal is to make certain that every student is supported during their middle school journey.


    Academic Support

    Our school counselors monitors students' academic progress school wide via quarterly progress monitoring.  Academic warning letters are prepared and communicated with parents at the end of each quarter to develop an action plan for students needing support in order to be academically successful.

    Quarterly averages in each course are computed by teachers using averages from exams, homework grades, daily performance grades, projects and various other assignments. Letter grades will be assigned based on numeric averages as indicated:


     90 - 100


    80 - 89


    70 - 79


    60 - 69


      0 - 59



    All teachers utilize Focus, the electronic grading system used in Duval County Public Schools.  To access the Focus Grade Portal please visit  https://duval.focusschoolsoftware.com.  Students can access the grade portal using their normal district login and password.   

    Parents are given access to Focus through a personal login and password and can view their children’s grades at any time over the course of the school year. Parent Focus login information can only be obtained by registering with a personal email address at https://accounts.public.duvalschools.org/enrollmentwizard.aspx.

    Due to privacy restrictions, parent Focus login information cannot be given out over the telephone or by email. You must submit a copy of your photo ID to our CRT operator in the School Counseling Office for approval of your account.

    We encourage you to use the Focus Portal on a regular basis to check the academic progress of your child.