• Students are to arrive prepared for school with the following:

    Required Supplies:
        Students must bring only a hard-backed, three-ring notebook, paper, pen/pencil,
        and a zippered pencil pouch that is clear on at least one side.

    Forbidden Items:
        This is a general list of items that are not to be brought to school.
        No items may be brought and left on the bus.

    This is only a partial list. NO ITEMS, other than required supplies are allowed as they create a        
    distraction to the educational process.

    No more than $10 in cash   
    No wallets, pocketbooks, book bags, or backpacks
    No gold or silver teeth        
    No jewelry except for a wrist watch
    No sunglasses                     
    No tongue rings
    NO cell phones                   
    No camouflage clothing including jackets
    No combs, brushes, picks   
    No extra clothing worn under uniform
    No pictures/photographs    
    No medicine without proper authorization
    No chap stick or eye drops 
    No calculators       
    No magazines       
    No toys of any kind
    No bulky key chains or lanyards – one key on a single ring only
    No make-up of any kind including eye make-up, lip gloss, mascara, foundation, powder, etc.
    No personal electronic devices including IPods, Mp3 players, IPads, Smart Phone, etc.