• The Dress Code for the Mattie V Rutherford Alternative Education Center is MANDATORY.




    Navy Blue Polo

    Ø  No labels or logos of any kind — other than the MVR logo



    Khaki (tan) pants only. (i.e. – Dickie style pants, loose-boot cut style)

    Ø  Pants must be full length slacks — no joggers, shorts, stretch pants, jeans, cargo pants, skinny jeans, low riders, leggings, jeggings, painter pants, capris, skorts, yoga pants or skirts (no pants with extra pockets). Pants may not be rolled up, rolled at bottom, or tucked into shoes and socks.

    Ø  No Shorts or pants can be worn under khaki pants. 

    Ø  Pants must be worn up around waist, no baggy, or oversized clothing or excessively tight clothing.

    Ø  Pants must have belt and belt loops.

    Ø  No labels, patches, holes, rips, frays, tears, or bleach spots


    Ø  Must always be worn and must not dangle in front or to the side.

    Ø  Dress style belts only with NO large belt buckles.


    Must button or zip all the way down the front.


    Ø  No long-trench type coats will be allowed.

    Ø  No distressed jackets nor jackets with designs or logos.


    Tennis shoes only.

    Ø  Socks must be always worn.

    Ø  No boots or steel toed shoes

    Ø  No open toed or open heeled shoes

    Ø  No clog shoes with or without straps   


    ID must always be worn and visible. 


    Ø  Style or color must not create a distraction to the educational environment. 

    Ø  No bandanas or head scarfs


    No hats, caps or head coverings of any kind may be worn or brought to school

    Required Supplies:

    Students must bring, ONLY a hard backed, three ring notebook, paper, pen/pencil and

    a zippered pencil pouch that is clear on at least one side

    Forbidden Items:

    This is a general list of items that are NOT to be brought to school. No items are to be brought and left on the bus. This is a partial list. NO ITEMS, other than required supplies are allowed as they create a distraction to the educational process.


    No more than $10 in cash

    No wallets, purse, book bags or backpacks

    No non-permanent gold or silver teeth

    No cell phones

    No extra clothing worn under uniform.

    No jewelry except for wristwatch or small earrings

    No chap stick, lip gloss or eye drops

    No hats, bandannas or do-rags

    No bulky key chains or lanyards – one key on a single ring only

    No toys of any kind

    No candy, gum, drinks, snack items, mints, etc. – Lunch may be brought and left in the front office.

    No Medicine without proper authorization

    No pullover hoodie | sweatshirts

    Any personal electronic devices excluding headphones.

    No combs, brushes, or picks

    No calculators –  one will be provided.



    Uniforms can be purchased at School Uniforms and More | 904-727-9377 (inside the Regency Mall – next to the old JC Penney)

    9501 Arlington Expressway, 32225

    Store Hours Mon-Saturday – 10:00AM-7:00PM

    Sunday – 12:00PM – 6:00PM