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    First Coast High School Parking 2017-2018


    • 12th Grade– Graduation and College Ready - Application for parking must be completed by August 25, 2020. (Students must provide documentation to director of parking when requesting a parking pass with all necessary paperwork)

    (Cash or Check Made to: First Coast HS)

    First Coast High School Parking Rules and Agreement

    • Parking is considered a privilege at First Coast High School. Parking privileges, once provided, may be revoked at any time if conditions of this agreement or the DCPS Student Code of Conduct are violated.
    • Parking privileges are available only to students in grades 11, or 12. 9th and 10th grade students are not permitted to park on campus.
    • All Students who park a vehicle on campus must have a decal before they park on campus. Vehicles without decals are subject to ticketing and towing immediately.
    • Students must be able to present a valid driver’s license, proof of registration and insurance to school officials upon request.
    • Vehicles can park anywhere on the north side of the lot. There is NO PARKING on the football stadium side of the student parking lot. Spots are first come first serve each day. No parking in the back row of the lot.
    • Your decal must be visible through the front windshield. Vehicles without decals are subject to ticketing and towing immediately.
    • Students are not permitted to be in the parking lot during the school day unless they are escorted to the parking lot by a school official.
    • Students are not be permitted to return to their cars to retrieve or drop off items.
    • Allowing another student in your car during the school day is cause for revocation of students’ parking privileges.
    • All vehicles parked on campus are subject to search.
    • The school parking lot is a part of the school campus and any Code of Conduct Violations will be handled according to the DCPS Student Code of Conduct and, if necessary, DCPS School Police.
    • Students are not permitted to loiter, congregate, or otherwise socialize in the parking lot. Students are expected to enter the building upon arrival to school. Upon dismissal, students are expected to immediately exit the parking lot.
    • The campus speed limit is 5 MPH. Anything above 5 MPH is reason for revocation of parking privileges.

    ___________________________________________                      _____________________________________________
    Parent Signature                                                                                              Student Signature

    Your signature on this form states you agree to abide by the parking rules set by First Coast High School and consent for your child to park on campus.




    First Coast High School Parking Application Student Information

    Last Name: ___________________________ First Name ______________________ Student #_____________

    Grade: ______ Home Phone: __________________________ Cell Phone: ______________________________

    Address: _____________________________________________________ Apt: __________ Zip: ___________

    E-mail Address: ______________________________________________________ DOB: __________________

    Driver’s License Number: ___________________________________ State: _____ Expiration: ______________

    Are you approved to leave campus early? (Dual Enrollment, OJT, Senior Early Dismissal, etc): Yes _____ No ______


    Vehicle Information

    Body Style (Check One): 4 Door ____ 2 Door ____ Hatchback ____ SUV ____ Truck ____ Van ____ Other ____

    Year: __________ Make: ______________ Model: _______________ Color: ______________ Tag #:________

    Registered to: ______________________________________________________________________________

    Address: __________________________________________________________________ Zip: ____________

    Insurance Company: ________________________________________________________________________


    IN ORDER TO COMPLETE YOUR APPLICATION, PLEASE ATTACH A PHOTOCOPY OF YOUR VALID DRIVER’S LICENSE, REGISTRATION, AND INSURANCE CARD – Signing below acknowledges you understand all parking policies and procedures and as a parent or guardian and vehicle owner you grant permission for the applicant to park at First Coast High School.


    ____________________________________       ___________________________                __________________________
    Parent/Guardian Signature                                         Student Signature                                           Vehicle Owner Signature



    Students do not fill information below this line

    Parking Pass Information

    Decal # Assigned: ________________________ Fee Paid: ($25) ____________ Date Issued: _____________

    Approved By: ________________________________________________ Date: _________________________


    DL Copy: ___________ INS COPY: _______________     REG COPY: ____________           COMPLETE FORM: ________