• Magnet Programs 

    Run/Walk Club

    Run/walk club is an exciting club that promotes wellness and health. For every lap a student walks/runs, the student receives one-hole punch in that student’s record card. Every four laps equals a mile. For every 5 miles, the student earns a foot charm. As students walk/run the designated miles, their names are added to the “Leading the way to Good Health” Bulletin Board. Great exercise for all!



     Career Day

    On Career Day students are able to explore the possibilities of medical related careers. Ophthalmologist, Doctors, EMTs, Nurses, Firefighters, and more participated in sharing information about their jobs.


     Science Fair

    All classes K-4th grade participate in completing a class project and 5th grade completes individual projects. All classes K-4th displays their project in the hallway for viewing and 5th grade displays their project in the dining room. Each class visits the dining room to view the 5th grade projects. The 5th grade students explain the process of their project to all visitors as they tour.


     Fun Runs

    The one mile Fun Run is a great opportunity for parents and students to race while participating in fun activities around the path.