• The Elementary Program for the gifted in Duval County is directed towards learners for gaining enrichment.  The program is designed to provide opportunities for the identified learners to participate in an educational program of greater depth with a differentiated curriculum.  This curriculum provides direct and indirect teaching strategies that will enable the learner to develop exceptional capabilities. 

    The program encourages independent efforts, convergent and divergent thinking through inquiry, problem-solving, and decision-making processes.  The opportunities are intended to stimulate creative and critical thinking, goal-setting, in-depth research, inductive and deductive reasoning, initiative and originality  through group and self-directed activities.

    The students in all grade levels are exposed to the five areas of the gifted curriculum constantly. Each activity covers at least one gifted objective. All of our activities are curriculum-driven, and by the end of fifth grade, all children will have been exposed to the whole curriculum. The five areas of the gifted curriculum are: Social Processes, Research Methods, Creative Expressions, Critical Appreciation and Scientific Approach.


    To qualify for the gifted program, all children are put through a testing process. If you are interested in having your child tested for the gifted program, please contact the guidance counselor, Ms Austin at austina1@duvalschools.org


    The Gifted Program teacher at Abess Park is Ms. Sanford. If you have any questions, you can contact her at sanfordw@duvalschools.org 


    Here are some great links to more information about gifted children.