• gwc-dismissal

    Dismissal Areas are as follows:


    Students walking home will be picked up at the rear of the school (Scott Park). Near Bus Loading Zones (700 Hall) on rainy days.

    Car Riders:

    Students riding home in cars or being picked up on motorcycles will be picked up in the front of the school.

    Bus/Daycare Van Riders:

    Students riding the bus/daycare van will load at the west-end of the school in the

    Bus Loading Zone.


    Pre-K students will be dismissed at the front of the school.


    Important Notes:

    Students cannot be called from the classroom to be picked up from the Main Office after 2:30 pm on Normal school days or after 1:00 pm on Early Release school days.

    Please make sure all emergency contact information is current and includes all the individuals allowed to pick up your child(ren).

    Please do NOT move students out of the line as they walk to their dismissal area.

    Changes in the way your child goes home MUST be done in writing. For safety reasons, changes regarding how your child goes home CANNOT be done over the phone.