• An Experience that will Light Up Your World.
  • JEA Academy at First Coast High School

    A Utilities Technician Program

    JEA and First Coast High School have teamed up to bring you professional training to enter high-wage and high-skill careers in water and electrical starting August 2022.

    Six reasons to enroll:

    1. Gain professional knowledge and experience through pre-apprenticeship opportunities.
    2. Begin building your professional network.
    3. Document your new skills with professional certifications.
    4. Create your personal advantage for rewarding jobs now and in the future.
    5. Make your college resume stand out or go directly to a lucrative career without college expenses.
    6. Earn nationally recognized industry certification(s) while still in high school.

    Space is limited. 

    Request more information on this powerful program now!

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  • The JEA Academy at First Coast High School is a Duval County Public Schools Career and Technical Education Program.

  • Are you interested in the sports and entertainment industry? This pathway introduces students to the major segments of the sports and entertainment industry and the area of markets as they relate to the industry. This pathway also addresses the ways marketing satisfies consumer and business wants and needs for products and services in the sports and entertainment industry. 

    Students can also participate in internships with the Jacksonville Sharks, Jacksonville Icemen, Jacksonville Jumbo Shirmp, and other college/semi-pro programs! 

    Students will also have the opportunity to gain industry certification during their tenure with the SEM program.

    Course Progression

    1. Sport, Recreation, and Entertainment Essentials
    2. Sport, Recreation, and Entertainment Applications
    3. Sport, Recreation, and Entertainment Marketing Management
    4. Sport, Recreation, and Entertainment Internship