Get ahead on a great school year by keeping up with your summer reading assignments!

     Frequently Asked Questions:

    Is summer reading required for all students? 

    YES! All summer reading assignments are expected to be completed by the first day of school.  Not all courses have summer reading assignments. 

    Why am I required to do summer reading? 

    Summer reading is a great way to stay up to date, informed, and engaged while on your summer break. The assignments are designed specifically for the summer vacation, and are typically not too long. Take a book along with you to the beach or on vacation and read in the sun a little!  

    Where should I find the assigned texts? 

    You may choose to purchase the books assigned, or borrow books from the Jacksonville Public Library system, as available. Some of the texts assigned are available online in PDF form, as well, so you should always check before purchasing. Summer reading assigned texts are available at Chamblins Book Mine and the San Marco Bookstore.

    After you read a text, complete this survey.


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    10th grade summer reading

    11th grade summer reading

    12th grade summer reading

    Grade 9-12 Supplemental Reading Assignment Sponsored by the National English Honor Society