• Beauclerc Elementary

    School Uniform Dress Code


    Vision:               Every Student is inspired and prepared for successful leadership in college or a career, with an embracing understanding of diverse cultures.

    Mission:             To provide excellent educational experiences through leadership as well as through bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural dual language opportunities in every classroom, for every student, every day and in every home.

    Mascot:              Jaguar

    Colors:               Red, White, and Navy Blue

    Uniform Requirements:

    1.      Navy blue or Khaki pants, walking shorts, slacks, skirts, skorts, or jumper.

    2.      Red, White, or Navy Blue Polo shirts (based on school colors): plain collared polo, long or short sleeve. Absolutely NO logos, insignias, pictures, printing, or messages. (A Beauclerc logo is acceptable).

    3.      Fridays are designated Spirit Days. Students are permitted to wear school-sponsored T-Shirts only on these days with the appropriate navy blue or khaki bottom.

    4.      School sponsored T-shirts are also permitted for field trips if appropriate for the destination with the appropriate navy blue or khaki bottom.

    5.      Students should be in uniform for Fall Photos and Group Photos. Students may wear other appropriate clothing for Holiday and Spring Photos.


    The updated policy also includes the following:


    **The size of the shirts and pants must be appropriate to the student’s body size; not oversized or undersized.


    **Pants or shorts with belt loops must be worn with a belt so that the waistband is worn at the waist and not below. (grades 2-5)


    **The hem of the girls’ skirts or dresses must be no shorter than mid-thigh.


    **Students’ footwear must be closed toe and heeled shoes. Backless shoes, platforms, sandals and shoes with wheels may not be worn.


    **Clothing may be purchased from any retailer or our approved vendor: Total Impact Embroidery & Screen Print, Inc. Total Impact Embroidery & Screen Print will have a collection box in the main office where orders are to be placed. Orders will be collected by the vendor every Thursday and will drop off orders ready for pick up.



    **School administrators have final authority to decide if clothing complies with the policy.


    **No one will be allowed to “opt out” of wearing a uniform except for (1) religious reasons which will only permit adding item(s) to the uniform or (2) physical/ medical disability.


    No student will be denied attendance to school or be penalized for failing to wear a uniform due to financial hardship. The Principal, PTA and School Advisory Council will be developing procedures and criteria to offer assistance to these students. Parents are asked to notify the school principal if assistance is needed.