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    Ruth N. Upson Music Department 
    Hello Ruth N. Upson Parents and Students!

    I am Mr. Shores and I am excited to be your new Music teacher this year.  I look forward to teaching all students about Rhythms, Melodies and Harmonies.  For our younger grades (K-2) we will be singing songs and matching music with movement to gain a better understanding of music, how it affects us and our community.  For the intermediate grades (3-5) we will begin exploring music through performance of vocal tunes and instrumental playing as well as some for the nuts and bolts of how music works and some of music’s great moments in history.

    Fifth graders, if you are interested in playing instruments come join our “Eagles Orff Ensemble” where we will explore how to play recorder, xylophone, drums and more! Let’s learn to get those basic skills ready for a future in band and instrumental music.  Details about rehearsal times will be coming soon!

    Fourth and Fifth Graders, do you like to sing? Join the “Chorus of Eagles”! Come and join us to learn songs and singing techniques. Details about rehearsal times will be coming soon!

    Both the Chorus and Orff Ensemble will be performing this year at Ruth Upson.  Please stay tuned for dates and times!