• Exceptional Education and Student Services 


    At Ruth N. Upson, we are dedicated to serving all of our students and empowering every student to achieve success. All of our students at this school are served in the general education setting. Students with disabilities receive support from one of our varying exceptionlities (VE) teachers and/or our speech and language pathologist while remaining in the general education setting for the majority of the school day.

    Community/Parent Resources

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    For more information about exceptional education and student services, please contact:


     Mrs. Arianne Smith-Godburn, School Counselor  

    (904) 381-7485 ext. 99921

    Mrs. Julie Franken, ESE Teacher (2nd, 4th grades)


    (904) 381-7485 ext. 11114


    Ms. Marcie Herring, ESE Teacher (3rd, 5th grades)

    (904) 381-7485 ext. 11115

    Mrs. Carolyn Jefferies, ESE Teacher (K, 1st, 2nd grades)

    (904) 381-7485 ext. 11114

    Ms. Susie Morrow, Speech and Language Pathologist


     (904) 381-7485 ext. 99942


    Mrs. Joan Bush, Speech and Language Pathologist

     (904) 381-7485 ext. 99942