JWJ School Supply List

2020-2021 | Duval Homeroom AND In-Person

  • Trapper Keeper/Large Binder

    7-Tab Dividers

    Sheet Protectors (50-count box for worksheets)

    Pencil Case/Pouch/Box

    #2 Pencils

    Ink Pens (Blue or Black Ink)

    Colored Pencils

    Highlighters (Assorted)

    Markers (8-Color Fine tip)

    Red Pens (for work corrections)

    Personal Pencil Sharpener


    College Ruled Paper (enough for personal use)

    Graph Paper

    Sticky Notes


    Scientific Calculator (7th and 8th graders ONLY)

    USB Flash Drive

    Back Pack (no wheels or luggage)


    These supplies are for basic school use.  Some teachers may request additional supplies for individual subject learning.  Please view all class syllabi when they are received.