• Holiday Hill Elementary School’s “Morning Show” is on the air!

    It’s their show!

    Children can audition starting in 3rd grade to work on our in-school Television production program. Auditions are at the end of each school year, usually in May. Once chosen training begins immediately. 10-12 cast members under the guidance of PTA parent Gregg Keefer meet daily and work together to write, film, edit then air their own unique segments about things that are interesting to them. Everything from book reviews to travelogues to poetry or just fun comedy sketches are featured in this fast paced program with a mix of prerecorded and live studio segments. The students run the cameras, and they are the directors, and video and audio engineers. It is their voice and their interests that make the show fun and informative for the entire school.

    Everyone has a voice on the Morning Show.

    Though our cast is small there are numerous opportunities for all students to appear in the show from clubs and fun events to Kindergarten classes leading the entire school in the Pledge of Allegiance, to our in studio guest leaders leading the daily Pledge and telling the joke of the day. We even take our cameras out into the halls for “Man on the Street” segments to get passing students’ opinions and comments on various subjects.

    We are all learning every day

    This unique program makes learning fun for the entire school. The children who work on it are getting a crash course not only in the technical skills of video production but more importantly valuable life skills such as working with others, time management, discipline and communication skills. Most people who see the show want to be involved because it looks fun and it is, but the cast members quickly learn that there’s also a lot of hard work behind the scenes to make that few minutes of TV magic happen!

    Expanded Reach

    Most morning announcements in schools are one off/ live and seen only in the school. Our Monday and Friday programs are also recorded and edited for YouTube and linked to the Holiday Hill Elementary School’s PTA Facebook so that parents can see the show as well and giving them a unique view inside the school. From the messages and recognition from our Principal, to the Kindergartners saying the pledge, WE ARE LEADERS!

    Please click the link below to watch our morning show in action.