• Student Council

    Holiday Hill Student council represents the voice of each student. They help organize community service projects, arrange school wide activities and provide input on school decisions. 

    Students elected for Student Council are in the 3rd-5th grade; are required to hold a high academic grade point average, be willing to speak in front of other with energy and have a passion to help their school and community. 

    Over the past two years, Student Council has served at Senior Living Facilities, Rehabilitation Centers and local schools in need of clean up. Members have participated in collections for the Salvation Army and  refugees in Jacksonville. This year members organized Red Ribbon Week and have many more outreaches planned.

    NEHS- National Elementary Honor Society

    The purpose of the NEHS is to recognize students for their outstanding academic achievement and demonstrated personal responsibility to provide service to the school and the community, and to develop leadership skills in the students.

    NEHS members focus on Responsibility, Academic Excellence, Service and Leadership. They also partner with Student Council to serve the school and community through various outreaches.