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CTE Director for Duval County Schools Joins First Coast Connect to Discuss STEM Field Trip

  • It’s the ultimate field trip. 25 middle school students from Northwestern Computer Science Academy and Kirby Smith Middle School will tour a local water treatment plant – virtually

    In this virtual tour, students will get a real-world look into the design of a water treatment plant and spend time with experienced scientists and engineers. 

    This field trip – the first of many more to come - is an outreach event with a serious purpose:  students will be learning about STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

    CTE Director Mrs. Vlachakis hopes that the field trip will encourage students to consider careers in STEM.  ‘I’m hoping the students will gain a lot of knowledge in the careers that are available in STEM careers.”

    CH2M Vice-President Maria del Pilar Doren hopes these experiences will get students interested and on a career path in engineering and science.

    This opportunity was made possible through the joint efforts of DCPS and CH2M and JEA.

    Click to Listen and Learn:  First Coast Connect Discusses STEM Field Trip

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