• Students must follow the dress code in the Student Code of Conduct, however Hyde Grove Elementary strongly encourages students to wear school uniforms.

    UNIFORMS? Won't that take away my style?

    No, it will not. Here's why:

    Uniforms are cost effective, and that means money saved on school clothes can be used to buy more stylish outfits to wear after school and on the weekends!
    Uniforms improve punctuality. Time will not be spent in the mornings finding something to wear, which means students will always be on time to school.
    Uniforms create a healthy team culture and harmony on campus.
    Uniforms promote unity and school spirit, reduce peer pressure and bullying, and concentration will be on studies, not clothes.
    Uniforms make students feel professional, and will increase success.
    Uniforms increase student safety.

    Our Uniform colors determined by grade level.

    Pre-K - Red
    Kindergarten - Blue
    1st Grade - Green
    2nd Grade - Yellow

    Contact the school office at 693-7562 for more information on ordering Uniform Shirts with Hyde Grove Learning Center Logo!