• counseling


    Terry Parker's Counseling department is a vital resource for students during their high school years. It provides students with the opportunity to discuss their academic, social, and personal concerns with a trained professional. Our school counselors help students navigate through the challenges of high school, including academic struggles, social pressures, and career planning. They also assist students with college applications, scholarship opportunities, and financial aid. Our school counseling department is a safe and confidential space where students can express themselves and receive support and guidance.

  • Need an appointment with your school counselor?

    School Counselors are available to students in the Counselor’s Corner (in the cafeteria during all three lunches) every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and before and after school.

    Parent / Teacher Conferences

    We believe that communication between parents and teachers is essential to student success To schedule an appointment with two or more of your child’s teachers, please contact Mrs. Lopez to schedule an appointment with an individual teacher, please contact that teacher directly.

    Parent Involvement Pledge

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