• Class of 2019 Class of 2019 Senior Information

    Graduation FAQ - Critical Information for Seniors

    Senior Graduation Timeline:

    May 17—Seniors’ last day

    • All paperwork must be turned in by this day

    May 20—Senior party and parade; cap and gown distribution

    • Seniors turn in debt clearance card with all stamps to receive cap, gown and 9 graduation tickets
    • Seniors will get honor cords from their club/group sponsors
    • Times and dates for picking up caps and gowns after May 20, will be posted.

    May 23—REQUIRED in house rehearsal for graduation

    • Rehearsal begins at 1:00
    • Be on time
    • No caps and gowns necessary

    May 28—Graduation day—Commencement will begin at 7:00

    • REQUIRED Rehearsal at Moran Theatre—buses leave at 8:30
    • Students must ride the bus
    • No cap and gown necessary, but you may want to bring the shoes you plan to wear for the ceremony
    • Return to DA by noon
    • Arrive at the theatre by 6:00 that night

    Dates Still TBD

    • Baccalaureate and Baccalaureate rehearsal
    • Awards ceremony

    Other important information:

    The Times-Union Center will be checking bags.  Guests should come early and be prepared to have all bags searched.  Do not bring in balloons of any kind.

    Graduation rehearsals are mandatory for any student planning to participate in Commencement.

    There are no extra tickets for graduation.  Tickets belong to the graduate who may distribute them as he/she wishes. 

    Graduates are held responsible for the behavior of their guests.  Please tell all guests to refrain from applause or yelling while the graduates’ names are called.

    • Dress code for graduates:
    • Pants must be dress pants and dark.  NO JEANS
    • Shoes must be dress shoes. NO SLIPPERS, FLIP FLOPS OR BACKLESS SHOES.
    • Shirts must have collars
    • Dresses may not hang below the robe
    • Caps MAY NOT be decorated during the ceremony.