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    Samuel Wolfson Mission Statement

    Samuel Wolfson School for Advanced Studies & Leadership fosters academic excellence through comphrensive curricula and rigorous studies.


    Ms. Janetta Jones, Assistant Principal of Curriculum

    Ms. Jana Jolly, School Counselor (A-L)

    Ms. Nancy Salgado, School Counselor (M-Z)

    Ms. Jane Courtney Davis, College Liaison

    Ms. Denise Starn, Data Entry Clerk




     Contact Us: 


    Download our Who to Contact Form

    Questions regarding Grades? 

    Email your Teachers directly

    Questions regarding Course Schedules & scheduling a Parent Teacher Conference? 

    Email Ms. Jones at LucasJ@duvalschools.org

    Questions regarding ESE/IEP? 

    Email Ms. Devoe at DevoeS@duvalschools.org

    Questions regarding Colleges and/or Scholarships? 

    Email Ms. Davis at DavisJ19@duvalschools.org

    Questions regarding Lockers? Records? Seniors/Class of 2024? 

    Email Ms. Starn at StarnD@duvalschools.org

    Questions regarding the International Baccalaureate or AP Magnet program? 

    Email Ms. Benga at FarwellB@duvalschools.org

    Questions regarding Attendance/absences? 

    Email Ms. Lovett at LovettM@duvalschools.org

    Questions regarding Section 504 or Graduation Requirements? 

    Email Ms. Jolly at JollyJ@duvalschools.org


    Ms. Salgado at salgado-martinezn@duvalschools.org


    Schedule Information

    Schedule Change Request Form

    Once you receive your schedule, check for the following:

    • All 4 core academic classes (i.e. you have English, Math, Science, Social Studies)
    • No Duplicate classes (i.e. English twice) or Missing classes (i.e. no class/blank for 2nd period)
    • No Classes you have already taken/passed (i.e. you can only take HOPE once)
    • No Classes for which you are not eligible (i.e. English 4 when you are a Freshman)

    Note: You are NOT guaranteed a schedule change – some schedules are just not able to change.

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