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  • Overview
     Cornerstones are powerful classroom lessons taught as part of the district’s curriculum. They are lessons our students will remember years from now. Every student, in every classroom, and every school across Jacksonville will experience Cornerstones in Art, Math, Music, Reading, Science, and Social Studies. Cornerstones help students make real-world connections through hands-on activities and engaging ideas.
    Our Approach
    Cornerstones are the sparks that stimulate learning by bringing great energy to great content, empowering teachers and students to excel. Cornerstones show students how they can actually apply and use the concepts they learn.
    Deep Learning Experiences
    Deep learning happens when a student is able to understand and retain information by participating  in  interesting  and  meaningful activities. Cornerstones are lessons taught to all students in DCPS. Hands-on activities and real-world connections are used to activate learning of core concepts. 
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