Principal Tim Feagins

                               Welcome Principal Feagins!  


    Dear Generals Family,


    As we enter this school year, I want to express to you that my deepest desire is to ensure that each of you has a very successful school year.  I am honored and feel privileged to be your principal this school year. For all students returning to Robert E. Lee, congratulations on your achievements from last year, as your hard work raised the school letter grade to a “B,” which is an overall increase of 70 points from the previous year! Your commitment to your education continues to reflect through your academic performance.  For those new to Robert E. Lee High School, I welcome you into a close-knit and prideful family that will take you to the next level in your education.


    The faculty and staff at Robert E. Lee High School are very excited to support you in accomplishing all your academic goals.  Always remember that you are in charge of your learning.  We have amazing teachers at Robert E. Lee who will provide you with everything you need to grow socially and academically.  We need your commitment to your education to ensure that you produce nothing short of excellence.  The routines and study habits you put in place this school year will dictate your success.  I charge each of you to put systems in place at home and in school to guide you as you strive for excellence. 


    This year, I encourage you to rally around the theme of “Excellence is the Expectation”.  To show excellence means that one possesses qualities to a high degree.  Every one of you already holds qualities of excellence.  You will be challenged with showing that excellence at Robert E. Lee High School.  Excellence should be visible every day in the classroom, as well as through your participation in athletics, clubs, or extracurricular activities. You will determine the degree to which the expectation of excellence is achieved through all of your endeavors. When you stare in the face of adversity, whether it be staying up late to make last minute additions to a project, studying for an upcoming exam, completing daily homework, remaining fully engaged in class, or juggling responsibilities outside of school, remember to show nothing but excellence.  Through your commitment to excellence and your education, you will quickly see that the sky is the limit. 


    To all of our proud parents and caregivers, I invite you to model and partner with us throughout the school year as we instill excellence into our students. Research shows that students will have the greatest possibility for success if support structures are in place at home.


    Let’s make this school year your best year ever as a student.  If there is ever anything you need, please do not hesitate to stop by my office. 






    Timothy M. Feagins,