• Kernan Middle School provides a Gifted and Academically Talented Academy catering to our students' unique needs. Our students receive core curriculum instruction, with an emphasis on tailored teaching methodologies to cater to their specific academic goals and objectives.

    Our curriculum is designed to equip students with the skills necessary to excel in the rigorous specialized high school programs offered at both our neighborhood and magnet high schools like Paxon, Wolfson, Stanton, or Darnell Cookman. Our gifted students are provided with the opportunity to participate in an accelerated math program, which upon successful completion, will grant them high school credit in Algebra I Honors and Geometry Honors. Additionally, we offer high school credit in Biology Honors.

    In addition, the Pre-Early College program is available at Kernan Middle School, providing eligible students with the opportunity to earn high school and college credits concurrently.