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  • Link to your internet provider for cyber-safety parental control features

    Family of three in online learning outdoors on a beautiful patio

    Your student’s cyber safety in our new era of Duval HomeRoom is of vital importance. Setting up parental controls is one way parents can ensure their student is accessing websites that are safe and secure, and we hope to provide valuable resources to assist you.

    Below is a list of popular internet providers and the links to their parent control settings. These webpages provide instructions for setting up individualized internet parameters for your household.

    If your provider is not included on this list, we recommend visiting their website, as most providers offer similar services.

    You may also find this Guide to Parental Controls helpful as you assist your student in transitioning to online education. We are incredibly thankful for your support and partnership. We look forward to seeing your student achieve success through Duval HomeRoom!



    12 tips from parents and educators to help with transition to home education

    The shift from school-based learning to home-based learning has been an interesting -- and sometimes challenging -- experience for all of us.

    We’re inspired by the support schools, teachers, parents, and students are sharing with one another through this uncharted territory.

    To lend a helping hand, we’ve consulted with our Chief Academic Officer Paula Renfro and consolidated some of your best tips.

    These tips include setting up a comfortable space for learning, establishing a schedule and setting up clear goals, engaging in joyous (non school-related conversations), and having family meetings to recap the idea. Read more great tips on 


    HomeRoom opens drive through tech support

    Apple gave the world the genius bar.

    Duval HomeRoom’s tech team is leaping that innovation with drive-through technical support at various locations throughout the district beginning Wednesday, April 1.

    Duval County Public Schools distributed 31,000 devices last week to students who needed them to connect with online learning. 

    Inevitably, some of those devices may need service. If so, parents can call the district’s tech support hotline (904) 348-5200. If the problem isn’t able to be resolved over the phone, parents will be provided with a place, date and time window to bring the device to a tech service professional, all from the comfort of their cars.

    The drive-through service is also the answer for any student who doesn’t have a laptop or internet connectivity. Beginning Wednesday, April 1, families can call the tech support hotline to make an appointment. The tech support staff will provide a ticket number and further information about when and where to go for help. 

    Parents and families should note that call volumes on the technical support line can lead to a lengthy on-hold wait. Please do stay on the line and your call will be answered.  Additionally, tech support is only for Duval County Public School devices.  

    Duval schools to remain on home-based education through May 1

    Following the recommendation of the Florida Department of Education, Duval County Public Schools will remain on home-based education through May 1, 2020 for the health and safety of students, staff and the community. 

    Students will continue receiving instruction through the district's home-education initiative, Duval HomeRoom.

    The district was one of the first districts in Florida to launch a home-education program last week.

    To support online learning, more than 30,000 laptops have been distributed to students. Additionally, internet access has been provided through special offers from private providers and distribution of hot spots to students who need them. 

    The district continues to provide lunch and breakfast to students at its traditional schools. Meals are also delivered to students on neighborhood elementary school bus routes. This week, more than 70 schools have been approved to provide dinner as part of the "grab-and-go" meal package.  


    announcing the duval homeroom art gallery -- young minds, transformative art

    HomeRoom Gallery opens with works of nationally recognized student artists

     Human trafficking, the consequences of prejudice, and the wonder of DNA are among the themes of award-winning artwork from Duval County Public Schools’ students that can now be viewed from the comfort of home.

    The Duval HomeRoom Gallery of Fine Art is a virtual showcase of student artwork – including mixed media drawing, comic art and editorial cartoons – that have received both local and national recognition from the Northeast Florida Scholastic Arts Awards and the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards in New York City.

    Currently featured in the gallery are 12 works of art from students at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, LaVilla School of the Arts, and Paxon School for Advanced Studies. New exhibits will be added each week.



    Families, run the Boston Marathon with Duval HomeRoom's Health and PE team

    We are staying apart to stay healthy. Let's take one more step. Then another, and another ... 

    Do a mile a day running or walking and you will complete the Boston Marathon challenge. See the video below for more and how to chronicle your marathon experience in social media. 



Duval HomeRoom

  • This home-based approach to education is new to almost everyone. See below how many families and teachers are succeeding in this new way of education, connecting through our online systems while we remain phyisically apart from each other. 

    "We know you love your kids, and we love your kids." Exceptional education teachers partner with parents


    Westview K-8 family uses can-do attitude and growth mindset to succeed with home education


    Students and families from all over the district are thriving in Duval HomeRoom

    Ms. Roth's students from Abess Park Elementary are HomeRoom superstars. This young lady has organized an audience for her dramatic readings. They always want one more story. 

    Student reads to her dolls

    And this young man has constructed a compelling arguement for why school at Abess Park is so much fun -- the start of a great college admissions essay. 

    Boy writes paragraph about why school is fun


    One of the reasons school is fun is because, even on-line, crazy hair day is still an event in Mr. Kauffman's Hendricks Avenue fifth grade.


    Mr Kaufmann's crazy hair day online


    Social distancing didn't stop GRASP Academy's health teacher from demonstrating how to carmelize onions in this online presentation. I'm sure the HomeRoom Tech team is working on a way to download the virtual smells from home kitchens. 

     Teache demonstrates carmelizing onions

    While we're on the food theme, this learner is doing research on the composition of her breakfast cereal for an Englewood Elementary School assignment. 

    Kindergarten student studies the Froot Loops box for an assignmetn




    Your Teams classroom will reconnect you with other students and your teachers such as this class from LaVilla School of the Arts.

    Teacher view of Teams online learning

    These Landon Middle School students demonstrate that HomeRoom and Microsoft Teams enables you to learn wherever you want ... 

    Boy learning on computer in bed room

    Girl learning on teams

    ... and with your friends. 

    Girl learning in teams with dog on her lap

    This Chaffee Trail Elementary teacher is online with her class, but it is obvious who is the teacher's pet.

    teacher online with a dog on her desk

    Mathematics can translate exceptionally well to the online world as these classrooms from Biscayne and Twin Lakes Academy elementary schools show. 

    Example of elementary math in online environment

    elementary mathematics in an online environment

    Online learning for an online generation seems to make students happy. Many have been able to see and speak with their friends and teachers after the long spring break. This young gentleman from Biscayne Elementary is especially happy to be back in class. 

    a biscayne student really happy to learn on line

    Online school is very much about academics, and just like regular school, time is taken to celebrate children. Here students send virtual birthday wishes for a student at San Jose Elementary. 

    Online birthday wishes for a student at San Jose Elementary

    Ms. Ortega's first grade class shows online learning can be active and engaging, bringing students together while we stay apart. 

    Ms ortegas online first grade class is active and engaged

    This screenshot from Ms. Janakowski's first grade class at Twin Lakes Academy Elementary demonstrates an interactive reading lesson and the lesson's alignment with rigorous standards. See the requirement for textual evidence, building reading comprehension and critical thinking skills among some of our youngest learners. 

    E L A screen shot from an online first grade reading class showing the need for textual evidence



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