School Board Implements Mask Requirement Effective Sept. 7, 2021

    Duval County Public Schools students must wear a face covering over both nose and mouth while inside a school or administrative facility.

    Families must complete a medical opt-out form to opt their child out of this requirement. The form must be signed by a state licensed physician, osteopathic physician, advanced practice registered nurse, or licensed mental health therapist/counselor or psychologist.

    Students who do not follow the guidelines may be charged with a Code of Student Conduct infraction and be subject to the appropriate consequences.

    The Student Code of Conduct provides that violations of the dress code policy may result in exclusion from athletics and other extracurricular activities.

    Scroll down for information on:

    1. Process for obtaining a medical waiver of this requirement.
    2. Disciplinary consequences.
    3. Athletic protocols.
    4. Performing arts protocols. 

    UPDATE - Per Board policy, the mandatory mask requirement for Duval County Public Schools will be immediately suspended when the level of community transmission of COVID-19 in Duval County, Florida reaches a “Moderate Level” on a 7-day rolling average. Moderate transmission rate is defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as:

    • New cases per 100,000 persons in the past seven days is less than or equal to 49.99. Additionally, the percentage of NAATs test -- a type of COVID-19 test -- is less than or equal to 7.99%. 

    Process for obtaining a medical opt-out from this requirement

    1. Download the COVID-19 Face Coverng Certification Form or CERTIFICACIÓN DE COBERTURA FACIAL COVID-19
    2. Fill out the top portion. Parents and guardians do not need to fill out employee worksite and ID blanks.
    3. Sign the form
    4. Contact your health care provider and have your health care provider complete and sign the bottom section of the form.
    5. Return the form to your school either in person or electronically. We encourage you to keep a copy of the form for your records. 

    Special Note: Students with disabilities or medical conditions that prevent any type of face covering will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. School Reassignment with an Individual Education Plan or 504 Plan shall be handled in accordance with ESE Guidelines and Procedures.  


    Disciplinary consequences

    Students who do not have a medical exemption are expected to wear their face covering at all times with the exception of eating and during outdoor activities. If students choose not to comply with this requirement, the following disciplinary consequences will be experienced. 

    1st Occurrence 

    • School will provide a face mask to the student
    • Student will complete Face Mask Safety Contract with Mask Expectation – Requires Student and Parent Signature

    2nd Occurrence

    • Student sent to discipline office
    • Student coded for 1.06 Nonconformity to General Code of Appearance
    • Parent contacted
    • Parent Conference (Virtual or In-Person)

    3rd Occurrence

    • Student sent to discipline office
    • Student coded for 2.01 Failure to Adhere to Safety Consideration
    • In-School Suspension (1-2 Days)

    4th Occurrence

    • Student sent to discipline office
    • Student coded for 2nd 2.01 Failure to Adhere to Safety Consideration
    • Out of School Suspension (1-3 Days); Parent Conference Encouraged


Athletics: Face mask and other health protocols

Performing arts: General health protocols

    • Events on Duval County Public Schools property will require face coverings for entry and throughout the event.
    • Social distancing is required for audience members.
    • Signs need to be posted in common areas.
    • Outdoor performances are encouraged whenever possible.
    • When an event takes place indoors, social distancing of at least 3 feet should be practiced with up to 75% audience capacity.
    • Vocal performers and wind instrument performers should be positioned so that they face the same direction (rather than in a semi-circle, facing each other, etc.) and when possible, should be spaced 10 feet apart.
    • Dancers engage in routines that encourage social distancing. Masks are not required during performances.
    • Performances should be limited to 30-40 minutes. If longer, provide an outdoor intermission of 20 minutes, to allow HVAC systems to refresh the air inside the venue.
    • Small group performances are encouraged to provide safe distancing on stage. Consider scheduling smaller groups of students into separate performances happening in succession over a longer period to allow for smaller audiences and participants.


Performing arts: Additional health and safety protocols

  • Duval County Public Schools reserves the right to clarify, correct, and/or modify these practices at any time.