• School Advisory Council (SAC)

    The responsibility of the School Advisory Council is:

    To provide parents, citizens, faculty, staff, and students with an opportunity to participate in the development of educational priorities, assessment of a school’s needs, and identification of local resources.

    The functions of School Advisory Councils are:

    • To assist in the preparation and evaluation of the school improvement plan (SIP) (Sec. 1001.452(2), F.S.)
    • To assist in the preparation of educational improvement proposals for implementing an educational improvement grant.
    • To assist in the preparation of the school’s annual budget (Sec. 1001.452(2), F.S.)
    • To assist in completion of the Mid-Year Stakeholder Assessment.
    • To perform functions prescribed by regulations of the district school board (Sec. 1001.452(2), F.S.)

    Why should you JOIN SAC? 

    Being a part of SAC ensures diverse viewpoints are considered in school decision making.  It is your chance to have your voice heard. 

    First Meeting of the 2023-2024 School Year:   Due to the August hurricane, the first meeting is September 19, 2023.

    Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month in Room 104 (across from front office) at 6:00 pm

    Contact LauraLeuthold99@gmail.com with any questions regarding the SAC committee.

  • 2023 - 2024
    Advisory Council 
    Laura Leuthold - Chair
    Ramon Day - Vice Chair
    Tim Miller - Secretary