Duval County Public Schools supports the Florida 'Government in the Sunshine' laws, designed to provide transparency and openness in government operations.

    What is a public record?
    The Florida Public Records Law authorizes the public to inspect, photograph and copy public records maintained by the Duval County School District.  Section 119.011(12), Florida Statutes, defines "public records" to include: all documents, papers, letters, maps, books, tapes, photographs, films, sound recordings, data processing software, or other material, regardless of the physical form, characteristics, or means of transmission, made or received pursuant to law or ordinance or in connection with the transaction of official business by any agency. Student records are protected by FERPA and Florida Statute §1002.221. If you are requesting student records, please click here to be directed to the appropriate department.

    Please submit all subpoenas to Office of Policy and Compliance. 

    For employee records, please refer your request to Human Resources.
    How do I submit a public records request to Duval County Public Schools?
    There are various ways you may submit a public records request including: mail, fax, email, in person, and by telephone. Please note, you are not required to provide your contact information, provide a reason for the request or put the request in writing.

    Are fees involved?
    Pursuant to Florida Statute 119.07(4)(d), the District, as custodian of the records, may charge fees to cover any extensive clerical support, supervisory assistance, extensive use of information technology resources and/or costs to copy the requested documents. If a request requires extensive clerical support, supervisory assistance or extensive use of information technology resources to produce the requested documents, the fee is calculated using the lowest hourly rate of the employee able to perform the work. 

    What is considered "extensive time"? 
    Duval County Public School Board Policy 3.50 defines the term “extensive time” as the greater of thirty (30) minutes.

    What are my delivery options?

    Method Fee
    One Sided Copy .15 cents/pg
    Two Sided Copy .20 cents/pg
    USB Flash Drive 2 gb $4.89/4 gb $7.64
    Disc .40 cents/each
    Email No cost
    Scanning Hourly rate of dept
    Inspect and/or
    First 30 minutes no cost

    How long will it take to fulfill my request?
    Each request is different and there are several factors that affect fulfillment of a request. We will make every effort possible to provide the records within a reasonable amount of time. The amount of time needed to retrieve and compile requested records may be communicated to the requestor and all efforts to adhere to this time frame will be made. Please be patient as this process often involves coordinating with several departments to satisfy the request.

    Where do I send my payment to? 
    Payments must be made by check, money order or exact cash.

    Please remit payment to: 

    Attn: 5th Floor, Public Records
    1701 Prudential Drive
    Jacksonville, Florida 32207-8180
    What if I have a question about the process or a problem with obtaining Public Records? 
    For issues related to Public Records, please contact Tashonia Grant at (904) 390-2407 or by email at PRR@duvalschools.org.  For media public records requests, please contact Laureen Ricks at (904) 390-2126 or by email at RicksL@duvalschools.org. 
    Staff: Tashonia Grant, J.D., Coordinator 
    Phone: (904) 390-2407
    Fax: (904) 390-2173
    Duval County Public Schools
    Office of Policy and Compliance
    1701 Prudential Drive
    5th Floor, Public Records
    Jacksonville, FL 32207