• 2024 Summer Programs 

  • Summer Recovery (Gr 3, 8 &12)

    In addition to free and fee-based camps and summer maintenance programs (ESY and ESOL), DCPS will offer summer recovery programs for students in grades 3rd, 8th, and 12th.  Summer recovery programs are designed for students to meet the requirements needed to be promoted to the next grade level.  The recovery programs will operate from June 10 - July 19, 2024.

      Summer Recovery - Elementary Program

      • Program: Elementary Summer Recovery Program (Gr.3)

        Description: This program is for current third grade students who need recovery to be promoted to fourth grade in accordance with state law. Florida law [section 1008.25(5), Florida Statutes (F.S.)] states that third-graders who do not have a score of Level 2 or above on the statewide Florida Standards Assessment - English Language Arts (FSA-ELA) must be retained (not promoted to grade 4). 

        Registration: Eligible students will be contacted by their school to register

        Dates of program: June 10 - July 19, 2024

        Hours: 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM

        Transportation: Provided to zoned school

        Contact: Michele Green; greenm2@duvalschools.org

        Elementary Program Host Sites:

        • Greenfield
          • The following schools will attend this host site: Bartram Springs, Beuclerc, Crown Point, Englewood, Greenland Pines, Hendricks, Hogan Spring Glen, Kings Trail, Loretto, Love Grove, Mandarin Oaks, San Jose, Spring Park, Twin Lakes
        • Lake Lucina
          • The following schools will attend this host site: Arlington, Arlington Heights, Brookview, Don Brewer, Fort Caroline, Holiday Hill, Lone Star, Parkwood Heights, Southside Estates, Windy Hill, Woodland Acres
        • North Shore
          • The following schools will attend this host site: Andrew Robinson, Biscayne, Garden City, Highlands, Long Branch, Louis Sheffield, New Berlin, Northwestern Legends, Oceanway, Pine Estates, San Mateo, Susie Tolbert
        • Rufus Payne
          • The following schools will attend this host site: Dinsmore, George W Carver, Pickett, Rutledge Pearson, SA Hull, Sallye B Mathis
        • Jacksonville Heights
          • The following schools will attend this host site: Chaffee Trail, Chimney Lakes, Crystal Springs, Enterprise, Gregory Drive, Mamie A Jones, Normandy Village, Thomas Jefferson, Westview K8, Whitehouse
        • Timucuan
          • The following schools will attend this host site: Bayview, Cedar Hills, Fishweir, Hidden Oaks, Hyde Park John Stockton, Ortega, Sadie Tillis, Venetia
        • Biltmore
          • The following schools will attend this host site: Annie R Morgan, Central Riverside, Pinedale, Ramona, Reynolds Lane, Ruth Upson, West Riverside
        • Atlantic Beach
          • The following schools will attend this host site: Abess Park, Alimacani, Anchor Academy, Chets Creek, Kernan Trail, Mayport, Neptune Beach, Sabal Palm, Seabreeze, Waterleaf

      Summer Recovery/Credit Acquisition - Secondary Program

      • Program: Secondary Credit Acquisition Program (Gr8 & Gr12)

        Description: This six-week program assists students in need of credit hours to be promoted to the next grade. Specifically, the middle school program serves current 8th graders needing one to two credits to be promoted to high school. The high school program serves current 12th grade students who need up to two credits for graduation.

        Registration: Eligible students will be contacted by their school to register

        Dates of program: 

        • Middle School: June 10 - July 19, 2024
        • High School: Varies by Site


        • Middle School: 9:30 AM - 4:15 PM
        • High School: Varies by site


        • Middle School: Provided to zoned school
        • High School: Not provided

        Contact: Mark Ertel; ertelm@duvalschools.org

        Program Host Sites:

        • High School: Individual Sites as needed
        • Middle School:
          • Stilwell
            • The following schools will attend this site: Baldwin, Charger Academy, Lake Shore, Westview K8, Westside
          • Mandarin Middle
            • The following schools will attend this site: duPont, Southide, Twin Lakes
          • Springfield
            • The following schools will attend this site: Highlands, Ribault, Matthew Gilbert, Oceanway
          • Landmark
            • The following schools will attend this site: Arlington, Fletcher, Kernan, Mayport

      Extended School Year

      • Program: Extended School Year

        Description: This 19-day program supports students with disabilities in grades PK-12th who are in the district's Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Program. For these students, this program is a continuation of the school year.

        Registration: Eligibility for this program is determined by the IEP Team. Please reach out to your child’s ESE teacher if you have questions about eligibility. IEP teams may recommend one of the following models:

        • Model A - Home Activities provided 
        • Model B - Related Services Only
        • Model C - Direct full-day services
        • Model D - Uniquely Designed Program of Instruction

        Dates of program: June 24 - July 19, 2024

        Hours: Varies by site

        Transportation: Provided

        Contact: Amy Valentine; beliakoffa@duvalschools.org

        Program sites: Alden Road, Mandarin Oaks, Mount Herman, Neptune Beach, Oak Hill, Palm Avenue, SP Livingston, Westview K-8, YMLA/YWLA

      ESOL Summer Program

      • Program: ESOL Summer Maintenance Program

        Description: The ESOL Summer Maintenance Program is a six-week program that offers currently enrolled ESOL students in grades K through 12th the opportunity to enhance their English language acquisition skills. It provides students opportunities to participate in rigorous and engaging learning activities related to social, academic, and culturally responsive experiences.

        Registration: Eligible students will be contacted by their school to register

        Dates of program: June 10 - July 19, 2024

        Hours: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

        Transportation: Provided to zoned school

        Contact: Ingrid Carias; cariasi1@duvalschools.org

        Elementary Program Sites: Beauclerc, Kings Trail, Ortega, San Matea, Waterleaf

        Secondary Program Sites: Ed White, Englewood High

      Summer Meals

      • Free Meals for Children: Free breakfast and lunch meals will be provided for children attending the following district summer programs: VPK, Elementary Summer Recovery, Seoncdary Credit Acquisition, ESOL Summer Maintenance, and Extended School Year.  Additionally, through the Summer BreakSpot program, children ages 18 and under can receive free breakfast and lunch meals at multiple school and non-school locations during the summer.

        Dates & Times: Vary by location

        Summer BreakSpot Locations: There will be multiple school and non-school locations where free breakfasts and lunch meals are served. To find a location near you: 

        Summer Menus: Information coming SOON!

        Summer Program Dietary Restrictions info: If your child is attending a summer program and has a documented food allergy on file with Chartwells, contact our dietitians at 904-693-7676 x1004 or x1002. 


      Non Fee-Based Summer Camps

      • Program: Non Fee-Based Summer Camp. These camps are also known as "KHA Team Up Summer Camps." 

        Description: This a free (Note: Boys & Girls Club Sites require a $28 registration fee), six-week summer camp program that provides enrichment and recreational activities. https://dcps.duvalschools.org/Page/34576

        Registration and site locations: https://dcps.duvalschools.org/Page/34588

        Dates of program:

        • Boys & Girls Club Sites: June 17 - July 26, 2024 (*$28 Registration Fee)
        • All Other Sites: June 10 - July 19, 2024

        Hours: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

        Days:  Monday - Friday

        Transportation: Not Provided

        Contact: Chanthony Boyd; boydc2@duvalschools.org 


      Fee-Based Summer Camps

      Summer Program Transportation

      • Summer Routes: Summer school transportation is provided for select summer programs. Contact your home school or summer program site for bus route information.

        Transportation Summer Contact: Transportation staff can be reached at 904-858-6200. Their summer office hours are Monday - Friday; 6:00 AM - 5:30 PM. When calling with a question or concern, please have the following info ready: 

        • Name of Summer Program School Site
        • Route Number
        • Home Address
        • Bus Stop Location

        Parents of Current Kindergartners: If you are planning for your child to ride the bus for a district summer program, you will need to complete a Kindergarten Bus Dismissal Form. This form indicates how you want your child to be picked up after the bus drops them off at their bus stop. These forms are distributed by your child's summer school site.