• Dear Terry Parker Parents, Coaches, and Athletes:

    We would like to extend our welcome to you to the Terry Parer Sports Medicine Program website.  In this section you will find a wealth of information on athletic forms and documents, policies and procedures, medical conditions to be aware of and basic exercises and guidelines to do at home in case you or your athlete is sidelined.  Below are some quick overviews.

    Policies and Procedures:  The rules of the athletic training room are posted up and reviewed with all athletes.  They are very basic: no cussing, no food or drinks, no cleats or shoes on the tables, no equipment in the ATR and sign in and out.  If your athlete needs to do rehabilitation AND possesses his/her home program, he/she can make arrangements to utilize the ATR to complete this.  There several policies and procedures in place to keep athletes safe while playing their sport. Please refer to the FHSAA website (www.fhsaa.org) for these policies or ask the athletic trainer.

    Forms and Documents: You will find all of the required paperwork for your athlete to participate in secondary school sports.  You can also find this paperwork on the FHSAA website.  If an athlete has been seen by a physician for ANY reason, the discharge paperwork and any home care must be brought to the athletic trainer to copy and place in the athlete’s medical file.  This allows the athletic trainer to communicate with coaches and teaching staff, if needed, on any accommodations the athlete might require.  If an athlete requires a follow up with a physician, they MUST see the physician BEFORE being cleared for full participation.  Please let the athletic trainer know if you need help getting the athlete seen.

    Medical Conditions: There is always some inherent risk in anything we do.  While we strive to keep athletes 100% injury-free, circumstances can create accidents.  There are a few sports-related injuries to be aware of and what is being done to prevent them as best as possible. 

    Exercises/Guidelines: There is 50% chance an athlete will become injured at some point and time in their sporting career.  In here, you will find some ways to help prevent injuries and some basic exercises and guidelines to do if your athlete becomes injured.

    Please look around to get informed.

     Thank you, 

     Joshua Parker

    Head Athletic Trainer