John Love Early Learning Center and Long Branch Elementary merger scenario:

    Here, you will find updates and information related to the John Love Early Learning Center and Long Branch Elementary merger scenario including the agenda and meeting notes for each meeting. To obtain the minutes for each meeting, contact public records coordinator Tashonia Grant at PRR@duvalschools.org. 


    This process concluded at the ACE committee's first meeting on January 14, 2020. The Committee voted to support the recommendation with certain stipulations. 

    Public Meeting Notice was posted Tuesday, January 7, 2020 at 8:50 A.M.  

    Detailed notes to follow.

     Academic and Community Excellence (ACE) Working Group Meeting held January 14, 2020, at 3:30 p.m. at Long Branch Elementary School, located at 3723 Franklin Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32206. 


    A. Welcome

    B. Review the ACE Working Group Process (Explanations of open meeting and public records, meeting notices and public comment pursuant to School Board Policy and Florida State Sunshine Law Requirements)

    C.  ACE Working Group Roles and Responsibilities (Defined)

    D. Introduction of Working Group Members (Selected by school principals, in consultation with the SAC Chair as per Board Policy 5.44)

    E.  Agenda Framework (provided for Working Group)

    F.  Working Group Tasks and Next Steps (Review all data and other factors pertaining to the pending issue, and then develop and present scenarios to be forwarded to the Superintendent’s designee(s) for presentation and review at larger community meeting(s) as per Board Policy 8.51)

    G.  Current Recommendations ( Assistant Superintendent of School Choice, Sharwonnda Peek, and Assistant Superintendent of Operations, Paul Soares)

    H.  Principal Introductions

         1.  Principal Sylvia Embry, John Love Early Learning Center

         2.  Principal W. Frank Graham, Long Branch Elementary School 

    I.  Working Group Meeting (End Training and Preliminary Discussions, Begin Working Group Meeting)

         1.  Determining Roles and Responsibilities 

         2.  Public Comments

              Members of the public complete blue cards prior to the meeting, 3 minutes per speaker for a total of 30 minutes.

         3.  New Business

         4.  Next Meeting Confirmation/Adjourn Meeting

    Meeting Notes

    Call to Order:

    Long Branch/John Love Working Group Meeting called to order at 3:40 p.m.

    Present:  Margie Anderson, Treva Christensen, Jill Fritz, Eryn Harris, Issac Kennedy, Jennifer Lane, Jalisa Mosley, Faith Rutz, Zabrina Smith, Deonne Sweet, Odessa Williams, Pastor Ola Williams

    Absent:  April Carr, Pator Michael Hawk, Letticia Lee, Annie Stephens, Troy Stephens, RaRa Sullivan

    Officers were elected as follows:  Chairperson - Zabrina Smith,  Recording Secretary - Barbara Wright,  Time Keeper - Jill Fritz,  Parliamentarian - Margie Anderson

    Areas of Concern:

    Theme of Long Branch as an Arts school

    What school will be the feeder school for students leaving the school?

    Bussing and supervision of the children, especially Kindergarten

    Long Branch is currently advertising as Arts and Technology


    After disucssion and clarity from DCPS district staff, the group concurred with the recommendation of Superintendent Dr. Green with an added component of Technology for school programming.  

    A presentation will be prepared and presented to the superintendent's designee for the whole group commuinty meeting, expected to be no later than February 25, 2020.  There is no need for additional working group meetings for the John Love/Long Branch consolidation proposal.

    Meeting Adjourned:

    Meeting adjourned by Chairperson, Zabrina Smith at 4:12 p.m.