• Back to School. Options, Answers and Expectations for School in the Pandemic.

  • Dr. Greene provides a sneak peek into steps being taken to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in elementary classrooms. 

Elementary School Enrollment Options

  • Families of elementary grade children (K-5) can choose between an in-school full-time option or two stay-at-home full-time options.

     Elementary school options described in body text below

    Note: A previous version of this graphic incorrectly stated that elementary Choice
    students could retain their seat in their Choice school for the
    2021-22 year. That is correct for students in grades seven to 12.
    We apologize for the error. 


    Option One: Back to School Monday through Friday

    For the in-school full-time option, children will go to school as normal, five days a week. The only exception will be the district’s normal “early release” days.  On early release days, which occur once a month, students will participate in their partial day through home learning, while school buildings undergo a deep cleaning.  This is the default option. If you prefer this option for your child, no further registration is needed.


    Option Two: Learn from home in Duval HomeRoom

    The first is Duval HomeRoom. This is the same distance learning option that all students used when COVID-19 forced remote, home-based learning in March. This year, Duval HomeRoom students will participate in live lessons following their school's normal daily class schedule.

    Registration for Duval HomeRoom will run July 14-31. The registration form is available in FOCUS. To register, you will need a parent FOCUS account linked to your children. If you do not have a parent account, you can establish your account and link your children by clicking here. Students choosing this option can also choose to return to their regular school at the end of each grading period or earlier under extenuating circumstances.


    Option Three: Learn from home in the Duval Virtual Instruction Academy

    Elementary students can also enroll in the Duval Virtual Instruction Academy (DVIA). DVIA is a fully online virtual school the district has operated for 10 years. Students can choose to enroll in DVIA as their regular, full-time school. Students who choose DVIA have to withdraw from their regular school and switch their enrollment to DVIA.  Information about DVIA and enrollment can be found here.

    DVIA is an option for students who intend to participate in online instruction for the entire year. An option to return to the assigned school for face-to-face instruction at the end of each grading period will not be provided for students selecting DVIA. 


    All elementary school options will be in place on Aug. 20.