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Reducing the Spread in Student Transportation

  • Meeting CDC guidance for social distancing on a school bus is not possible. Because of this, the following changes will be made to the district’s normal transportation processes. 

    *Bus stop registration required for students served by general education buses

    To control the number of students on each bus, students will be assigned to a specific bus, bus stop and stop time.  This is different than past years when students could ride any bus.

    This year, parents (not students) must sign into FOCUS and register their children to ride the bus. 

    Below are simple steps to follow to complete bus registration.

    1. Login to your Parent FOCUS account and select your child’s name.
      1. If you do not have a parent FOCUS account, you can get your FOCUS account here. Remember, once you have your FOCUS account, you also need to "link" your children to your account. You do that on the same web pageIf you need help creating an account, read this guide.)
    2. Select Child Info
    3. Select Forms
    4. Select Transportation Registration Form. The primary address is used to determine the bus assignment. If the address is correct, go to “Does Your Child Need Bus Transportation” and select Yes.
    5. Click Submit Request.If your family uses an alternate address for a bus stop, after clicking Submit Request, visit www.duvalschools.org/dcpstransportation.
    6. Repeat steps for any additional students

    Once you register your child as a bus rider, they will be assigned a specific bus number, bus stop and bus time. After Aug. 13, you can sign back into FOCUS to see that information.

    If you need to update the primary address for your children, you must visit your school and provide proof of residency documents.

    Questions? Contact the Transportation Hotline at 904-858-6200. Extended hours are 7 a.m. - 6:30 p.m., Monday - Friday until Sept. 4.  


    *Sanitize your hands
    Each bus will be equipped with  hand sanitizing materials. Students are asked to sanitize their hands each time they board the bus. 

    *Face coverings required on bus
    Students will be required to wear a face covering while riding a school bus. Students with a medical condition or who are not able to wear a face covering could be exempt from this requirement and may wear a plastic face shield. Please notify your school principal if your child is not able to wear a face covering.  

    *Cleaning the bus
    Each school bus is used for multiple trips each day. High-touch point areas, such as seats and handrails, will be disinfected between each bus trip. At the end of each day, every bus will be sanitized.

    *Students served by exceptional student buses

    Students served by ESE buses do not need to register for a bus stop. This website provides details for exceptional student transportation. 

    *Special note for exceptional education students and students with other medical conditions

    Capacity of exceptional student education buses will be reduced as much as possible to feasibly transport children to school. Students with a medical condition, who are not able to wear a  face covering could be exempt from this requirement and may wear a plastic face shield. The district will make reasonable accommodations.  

    *Activity buses

    When high school students are on home-learning days, activity buses will be available to transport students to and from school for after school activities. The activity bus stop locations and schedule are under development.

    Face coverings will be required on activity buses.