• Now that you have access to your student’s account, you can allow select community partners to monitor their educational progress. 

    STEP 1: Visit www.duvalschools.org/studentdata and select the Parent FERPA Permission Form Button.

    Parent FERPA Permission Form Button

    If you are already logged in to your account, under My Links select FERPA Permission Form.


    Click on My Links and then FERPA Permission Form


    STEP 2: Select Submit a Parent FERPA Consent Form.

    If you see the message "There are no registered students in your account" you will need to contact your student's school about linking your account to your student's account. This step is mandatory to prevent strangers from accessing your personal data.

    Landing page for FERPA Consent Form


    If you need to add a student to your account, select Add a Student under My Links. Once you complete this process, visit your student's school to verify identity. This step is mandatory to prevent strangers from accessing your child's account.

    Select My Links and then Add a Student to My Account

    STEP 3: After clicking the blue button, select your student and program from the drop-down menu. If your child participates in multiple programs, you will need to repeat this step for each one.

    STEP 4: Your information will automatically populate. Simply click on the I agree check box and submit.

    STEP 5: Please complete these steps for each student.



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