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  • Who is a new student?

    A child is a new student if they are enrolling in the district for the first time.

    Examples include kindergarten students or students coming to the district from a private school or out of county/state. 

    A child is not a new student if they were previously enrolled in a:

    • district-managed school
    • charter school in the district
    • home education program or another choice option offered by the district.

    Instructions for new students are below. Note that new students must first be registered with the district and then afterwards enrolled in a school. 

    Note: Families can also make an appointment with School Choice for assistance with registration and enrollment.


      No. 1 - Getting ready

      • Before you jump into the registration process, make sure your child meets the immunization requirements and you have all needed documents. See details below. 


        1. Immunization requirements - The state of Florida requires certain vaccines to be administered before children can enroll and attend childcare and school unless there is certification of exemption for medical or religious reasons. To review the required immunizations, visit this Florida Department of Health webpage. When registering for school, parents should submit the Florida Certification of Immunization (Form DH 680) which can be obtained from the child's health care provider.

        2. Gather required documents - Below are documents you will need to complete the registration process. It will be helpful to gather them in advance:
          • Birth certificate or valid evidence of date of birth
          • Florida certification of immunization or exemption
          • Physical examination for all students who have never attended a Florida public or private school. Physical must be no more than 12 months old at the time of the student’s enrollment.
          • Proof of guardianship (if applicable)  
          • Most recent report card, if granted from another district
          • Proof of Residence (TWO documents from Column A OR ONE document from Column A and TWO documents from Column B.) The address on all documents must match. 
            Column A Column B
            Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) Bill or TECO bill Automobile insurance
            Mortgage agreement (or closing statement) Credit card statement
            Lease agreement (from a company, or *private individual) Bank account statement
            Driver’s license or state ID US Postal Service confirmation of address change
             Voter Registration ID Current bank account statement (may block out account number)
              Payroll statement
              Current non-cellular phone bill
              Vehicle registration

             *Private lease agreement must be notarized AND two additional documents from columns B are required.

            Bona Fide Residence Process

            When school is in session and a parent cannot readily produce the required documentation, the school shall ensure the student is readily enrolled following the “Bona Fide Residence” process:

            • The student shall be registered in school.
            • Acceptable proof of residence must be provided within 15 school days.
            • If acceptable proof of residence has not been provided within 15 school days, the student shall be immediately withdrawn by the school and must be registered and enrolled in the appropriate boundaries school by the parent.


        School registration requirements
        State law requires all children ages 6-16 to attend school. All registrants must provide valid documentation to include proof of age, Florida certification of immunization or exemption, record of physical examination, and proof of residency. A kindergarten student must be 5 years old on or before September 1. First grade students must have successfully completed kindergarten and be 6 years old on or before Sept. 1. 

      No. 2 - Register with district

      • Step 1 - Create a student ID

      • Step 2 - Create a Parent Account

      • Step 3 - Verify your Parent Account

      • Step 4 - Link to the Student Account

      No. 3 - Enroll in a school

      • Congratulations! Your child is now registered with Duval County Public Schools. The next step is to choose a school. You can follow one of two main paths: Neighborhood School or School Choice.


         Neighborhood School: 

        All students are automatically assigned a neighborhood school based on their home address. Families can determine their child's school of attendance by using School Locator or by
        contacting making an appointment with The Office of School Choice.

        To enroll your child in their neighborhood school:

        1. Locate the neighborhood school using the School Locator.

        2. Call the school and ask to make an appointment to complete the enrollment process.



        School Choice: 


        Duval County Public Schools is a choice district! This means families can apply to schools for their children outside of their attendance area. 

        With schools offering special programs in areas such as; arts, STEM, gifted education, dual language, global studies, families can customize their child's educational experience. You can view schools based on your child's interest at wehavethat.org.  

        To apply to a school or program through the School Choice process:

        1. The School Choice application window opens annually, Jan. 1 and closes on the last day of February. The application will be available in the Parent FOCUS Account that you just created.
        2. If you are applying outside of this window, contact the School Choice Office at school_choice@duvalschools.org or make an appointment for an in-person or online meeting.


        Note: There is no guaranteed placement of students in a school or program through the School Choice process. Placement is based on seat availability as well as possible academic or other special criteria.


      Military Families

      • Serviceman in uniform with back to viewer with kids in front of the service person.Welcome Military Families!

        Thank you for being a part of Team Duval. With Naval Air Station Jacksonville and Naval Station Mayport in Duval County, we are home to hundreds of military families and look forward to helping your children thrive academically.

        Our office has a support technician specifically for our Military Families, please reach out to us at MilitaryTransferOption@duvalschools.org or make an appointment to meet with the support technician in our office.  


        Student Registration

        All students new to DCPS must register on-line

        Upon request by a parent or legal guardian, DCPS provides for open enrollment of any student residing on a military installation or in military housing located within Duval County, if the school capacity and grade level capacity at the requested school permits. Information regarding the application process can be requested by contacting MilitaryTransferOption@duvalschools.org.


        Academic Planning for Military Families

        DCPS Mission

        To provide educational excellence in every classroom, for every student, every day.


        Academic Services is responsible for the overall development, implementation, supervision, and improvement of instructional programs. 

        Students sitting in a cafeteria waiving United States flags

        High school years are characterized by evaluation of strengths, skills, and abilities; reliance on peer acceptance and feedback; and separation from parents and family in order to explore and define their independence and make plans for the future.  For students who entered ninth grade in 2013 and thereafter, Standard Diploma Graduation Requirements.

        Our Student Progression Plan presents school staff, parents and interested community members a guide which reflects state statute, school district policies and administrative procedures. 


        Resources and Educational Opportunities for Military Students

        DCPS is a choice district.  Families are provided with the opportunity to make a choice from neighborhood, special transfer and magnet schools.  We suggest that all families research their zoned attendance area school.   

        Information about magnet and special transfer option schools is available digitally in our School Choice Reference Guide and on Welcome to School Match 2022 website.  Learn more about the application process.

        Duval County Public Schools offers a variety of engaging early learning programs that prepare children for successful entry into kindergarten. Parents may enroll their ages 3-5 child in a standards-based, developmentally appropriate school year program or the Summer Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten program for children entering kindergarten in the fall.  Qualified families may choose to enroll in a comprehensive early learning program (Head Start) for students as young as three years of age.

        High School Acceleration Programs are designed to shorten the path to a traditional 4-year college degree by providing opportunities for students to begin earning high school and college credits as early as middle school.

        Parent Academy of Duval County Public Schools is a FREE family resource that promotes parental involvement, enhances student achievement, and supports a caregiver's need for personal and individual growth. Parent Academy courses are offered virtually through Microsoft Teams.

        Parent Academy focuses on the following three fundamental categories: 

        1. Student Achievement

        Workshops and activities provide parents and caregivers with the necessary tools to promote students' academic achievement as well as provide support in navigating the school system. 

        1. Parenting & Advocacy

        Workshops and activities provide innovative tools and strategies to effectively enhance parenting, student advocacy, and leadership skills.  

        1. Personal & Individual Growth

        Workshops and activities provide empowering information, motivation, and encouragement for the personal and professional growth of parents and caregivers. 

        Two soldiers in white Navy uniforms sitting in front of a music stand.  Soldier on right playing the trumpet.

        Exceptional Education and Student Services Resource

        The Exceptional Education and Student Services Department is committed to supporting students with diverse learning needs, their families, and schools in providing access to a high-quality education. The Exceptional Education and Student Services Department provides services and supports for students with disabilities, gifted learners and other eligible students. 

        The EE/SS Placement Office provides support to schools and parents with placements and transportation arrangements for students who receive exceptional education services in self-contained* or low-incidence settings.  School placements are made based on the student’s residential address or the address from which the student is transported.  Transportation arrangements to self-contained/low-incidence school sites are set up to ensure that students access their ESE services at the school closest to their address that has their recommended setting and available space.  The Placement Office is available throughout the school year to answer questions regarding placements to ESE self-contained/low-incidence settings and to process transportation requests.  Please direct all question to ESE_Placement@duvalschools.org.


        If the student is transferring to Duval County from another state or country and they have received special education services, follow these steps.

        1. Contact the neighborhood school. The neighborhood school can be identified by using the school locator 
        2. Provide the student’s most recent IEP and documents, and
        3. Request to speak to the Registrar, Exceptional Student Education Lead Teacher or School counselor.
        4. Comparable services at the designated school will be provided until the school district conducts an initial evaluation (if determined necessary) and develops, adopts and implements a new IEP that meets Florida eligibility requirements.


        Information on the Mental Health Challenges Facing Military Students

        The School Health Services Program is intended to minimize health barriers to learning for public school students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.  It addresses day-to-day student health needs, emergency health needs, and in-school management of chronic and acute health conditions like diabetes, asthma, allergies, and epilepsy.  In-school care management helps to ensure that student health conditions do not prevent students from attending school. 

        Hazel Health has partnered with Duval County Public Schools to provide access to quality health care services for all students, at no cost to families, this school year. A school health representative can initiate a video visit with a Hazel health care provider while your child is at school to provide either physical or mental health services. Therapy sessions with Hazel Health are a safe space and are private and confidential.

        Director Kelley with Navy Officer