On April 19, Juniors will take the ACT test at Darnell-Cookman School of the Medical Arts This exciting opportunity gives our students a chance to measure their readiness for life after high school, whether they’re going to college or straight into the workforce.

We hope your student has a positive experience with the test. You can help your student do his or her best by making sure he or she attends and participates in class, since the ACT tests students on what they learn in the classroom. You can also visit this website to find free and low-cost test prep tools to help your student do his or her best on the ACT:

Finally, remind your student why taking the ACT matters: it can help students get into college (88% of US colleges consider test scores in admissions decisions); it gives them information on careers they might enjoy; and their scores can lead to scholarship and financial aid opportunities. Go to for more information or follow ACT at

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