Special Transfer Option Schools



    The application window for 2021-2022 has closed. 
    If you are new to the district, please contact the Office of School Choice for assistance.



     STO schools

    All traditional elementary and middle schools are Special Transfer Option Schools. This means that these schools will offer one or more “special programs” designed to attract students to the school. 

    The teachers and administrators of Duval County Public Schools work hard to provide outstanding educational opportunities for students in all schools. However, sometimes parents and students seek opportunities at a public school other than the one in the student’s attendance area. That’s why Duval County Public School Choice was created. It offers options for students to transfer from their assigned schools to different ones.

    This option is available to a student who wishes to attend a school other than the one in his or her attendance area. Transfers are made through application only during the Choice Option period and are determined by lottery based on space availability. Transportation to the new school is the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

    Applications that are received after the deadline are filed according to the date they are received. If space becomes available in the requested school, parents will be notified during the summer. Students on waiting lists are placed before late applications.

    For more information on Special Transfer Option schools, click on the appropriate level: Elementary | Middle School | High School