• Online Applications closed February 28, 2019
    Lottery results will be electronically sent around mid-April

    Late Applications will be accepted April 15-May 15, 2019

    Reminders and Helpful Facts
    • Only one magnet application per student can be accepted. If you change your mind after the magnet application deadline, please don’t send a second or third application. You may call 904.390.2082 up to one week after the deadline to schedule an appointment to come in and change an application that was received by the deadline. In the event we receive two applications for the same student, the one with the most recent date is the one that will be processed.
    • Parents should make sure email addresses, mailing address and phone numbers are up to date in the Duval County Public Schools database. This must be done at the school your student currently attends. The School Choice staff cannot update addresses or phone numbers.
    • Applications for students who live in a county adjacent to Duval County will not be processed in the magnet lottery or special transfer option lottery. Applicants from outside Duval County will be placed on a space available basis after all Duval County applicants are placed. 
    • Applications for students who are moving to Duval County from another state or city in Florida must have a local address and provide two acceptable proofs of residence* before we can complete the processing of an application for a magnet or choice program.
    • Applications for Duval County residents currently enrolled in a private school are welcomed with two acceptable proofs of residence.*
    • Applicants for any program may be asked to provide two proofs of residence.*
    • In rare cases, students on Waiting Lists may be contacted in December for January  admission if space becomes available after the school year starts.
    • Both the magnet and special transfer option lotteries assume the student will be promoted to the next grade level. Students who are retained prior to first-time enrollment may not be able to be accommodated in the selected program.
    • School started Monday, August 12, 2019. Magnet and Special Transfer students who do not enroll by the end of the third day of school are cancelled unless the parent or guardian makes late enrollment arrangements in advance with the principal of the school. Approval is at the discretion of the school principal.
    • Parents may cancel a magnet or special transfer option assignment during the summer by emailing School_Choice@duvalschools.org or by coming to the School Choice Office to submit a cancellation form. You will be asked to give us a reason for the cancellation.
    • Children entering kindergarten must be five years old as of September 1, 2019.
    • Children entering first grade must be six years old as of September 1, 2019, and have successfully completed kindergarten.
    • Once a student enrolls in a magnet or special transfer option program, the student may remain through the highest grade level of that school unless the school has Academic Performance Standards that are not met. Once enrolled in a program, the student is expected to remain in that school for the entire school year. Transferring during the school year is not always possible because all schools are obligated to meet the class size reduction limitations. The Application to Return to Attendance Area School form must be completed and approved by both principals before a transfer can be considered. Transfers to other magnet or choice schools during the school year are not possible.
    • New bus stops cannot be added if you apply to a magnet school after the magnet application deadline, if you move or change schools after the school year begins or because there is no sidewalk along the route to an existing stop.
    • Transportation is not provided to Special Transfer Option schools. Parents are responsible for transportation to and from a Choice School for a student who does not live within the attendance boundary of the Special Transfer Option School.
    • Students who are eligible to receive Exceptional Student Education (ESE) services have equal opportunities to apply for participation in magnet or special transfer option programs. The individual student’s IEP team determines the specific educational needs of the student and how/where those needs can most appropriately be met. Based on the educational needs of each student, recommendations for support services may or may not be consistent with placement in a particular magnet program.
    • Although Magnet programs are open-admission, some schools have academic performance standards that must be met for a student to return each year: Darnell-Cookman School of the Medical Arts, James Weldon Johnson, Kirby-Smith, LaVilla SOTA, Paxon SAS, Stanton, Peterson and Randolph.
    • Magnet or Special Transfer students who want to apply to a different school/program for 2018—2019 forfeit the current magnet or choice assignment. Neither the magnet nor the special transfer option lottery can consider a student for two magnet or special transfer option seats at the same time.
    • Students who apply for a magnet program and who end up on a waiting list do not lose their wait list number by accepting another type of special transfer option assignment. However, students who accept a magnet assignment do not stay on a waiting list for any other magnet program.
    • Students who apply for a special transfer option program and who end up on a waiting list do not lose their wait list number by accepting a magnet assignment. However, students who accept a special transfer option assignment do not stay on a waiting list for any other special program.
    • In cases where twins or triplets applying together receive different schools in the lottery, we will try to place them in the same school where space is available after the lottery. 

    *School Board Policy 5.20 Student Assignment may be referenced for a listing of Policy 5.20 Student Assignment may be referenced for a listing of acceptable documents.

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