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    Woman sitting on an accessible hand operated bicycle.       Logo for Joseph Stilwell Military Academy of Leadership.  Red and white stripes and stars on blue background.      Food items in brightly colored pails.
     Community in light blue.  First in dark blue
    Joseph Stilwell Military Academy of Leadership, Principal Tamara Tuschhoff

    The faculty and staff at JSMAL understand that true leadership begins and ends with service to others.  They have supported students with food deliveries to homes, paid for cadet haircuts, provided uniforms for students in need, and countless other gestures of care and concern.  As one parent shared, “Each day school begins, not with a bell ring, but with the Reveille/First Call Military trumpet salute which starts the school day with order, discipline and positivity.”

    Meals On Wheels During Duval HomeRoom 


    More information about Josph Stilwell Military Academy of Leadership.

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    School Choice Reference Guide 2021 - 2022

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    School Choice Military Transfer Option 

    Military families who are interested in exploring their choices should contact our Military Liaison, MilitaryTransferOption@duvalschools.org


    Our mission is to provide families with educational opportunities in Duval County from VPK - 12th Grade.  Individuals who are interested in exploring the options may click on the following links: 

    Magnet | Special Transfer Options | Early Childhood/VPK | High School Acceleration Programs | Virtual Learning | Career and Technical Education | Home Education | Charter Schools    


    Application Process:

    Families New to Duval County or Returning to Duval County. Registration information can be found here.



  • Spotlight on Richard Lewis Brown Gifted and Academically Talented Academy

    Congratulations to our very own, Richard L. Brown Gifted and Academically Talented Academy, recognized as one of three RAMP schools in the state of Florida.  The RAMP designation recognizes schools that are committed to delivering an exemplary school counseling program. 

    Kevin Bennett (former 5th grade student of Richard L. Brown Gifted and Academically Talented Academy) was selected to represent the state of Florida for the Kids Journal Through Covid-19 competition. Kevin's submission was published by Noah's Ark Publishing owned by the renowned musician Laval Belle. We are beyond proud of Kevin and his teacher Ms. Hand.


    Kids Journal Through Covid

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