• Attention Parents and Students!
    Duval County is offering Microsoft Office for student use at home!
    The Enrollment for Education Solutions agreement between Microsoft and Duval County Public Schools provides a student option for home use software.  Students enrolled and attending Duval County Public Schools are granted a single license for home use of both Microsoft Windows Upgrade and Microsoft Office Professional Plus.  Do not install this on any DCPS computer this is for your home computer.
    1)      You will receive one copy of Windows Upgrade and Office Professional Plus
    2)      You can access the site to order your software from school or home
    3)      Installation of Windows on a Macintosh computer requires purchase of the optional physical media in order to perform the  installation.
    1)      Go to http://ssw.duvalschools.org
    2)      Enter your DCPS network username and password
    4)      Select and order your choice of software  (One copy of Windows Upgrade and one copy of Office Professional Plus)
    5)      Retrieve your serial number
    6)      Download the software (Optionally, you can order a disc for a small fee, currently $13.95.)
    7)      Install the software
    Note that Duval County Public Schools does not provide support for installing software on home computers.  You may use standard Microsoft support options if you need assistance.