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    March 2015


    Note: Pursuant to Florida Statutes, Duval County Public Schools (Owner) is exempt from Florida Sales Tax on the purchase of construction material and equipment and has elected to exercise this right.   All bids are to be submitted with all applicable taxes included.

    Non-Technical Specifications

    Table of Contents


    SECTION                                           DESCRIPTION

    00010                                                  Arc Eng Instructions for completing checklist

                                                                (For A/E Use Only- Do not publish with Bid Docs)



    00020                                                  Invitation to Bid

    00020                                                  Invitation to Bid- Fire Alarm Specific  


    00101                                                  Instructions to Bidders


    00300                                                  Format of Bid Proposal & Required Forms


    00501                                                  Contractor's Contract


    00611                                                  Performance & Payment Bonds 


    01000                                                  Contract General Conditions


    01001                                                  Supplementary Conditions to General Contract


    01005                                                  Index of Drawings


    01010                                                  Summary of Work


    01020                                                  General Requirements


    01030                                                  Special Requirements and Provisions


    01040                                                  Coordination


    01060                                                  Regulatory Requirements


    01200                                                  Project Administration


    01300                                                  Submittals


    01400                                                  Testing


    01500                                                  Temporary Control and Safety


    01600                                                  Material and Equipment


    01700                                                  Contract Closeout


    01720                                                  Project Record Documents


    01800                                                  Bid Protest Policy