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    On April 8th, a total solar eclipse will occur! Because of our location, we will only experience a partial solar eclipse, where the Moon's shadow will sweep across North America. This awe-inspiring celestial event offers a unique opportunity for both awe and learning. For Jacksonville, the eclipse will begin at 1:47pm, peak at 3:05pm, and end at 4:19pm.

    Parents! Please discuss the importance of not looking directly at the sun with your child. For more information on eclipses's visit NASA's Eclipse site!

    🔭 Viewing Safety: Remember, looking directly at the Sun is unsafe. Use proper eclipse glasses for the partial phases or a pinhole projector for a safe viewing experience. Check out NASA's safety tips here and how to create a safe pinhole projector here.

    🕶️ Eclipse Glasses: While there are many glasses available for families to purchase, remember that NO BRANDS are endorsed by NASA. They recommend using pinhole viewers for safety or watching a live broadcast from the safety of the classroom or home. More details on eye safety during an eclipse can be found here.

    🌍 Experience and Learn: This eclipse is not just a beautiful natural phenomenon; it's a chance for scientific discovery and personal wonder. Engage your family with NASA's resources to learn more about the science of eclipses, how to participate in citizen science projects, and how eclipses have inspired humanity throughout history here.

    Alternately, families can view the eclipse on TV - Live TV viewing here - https://science.nasa.gov/eclipses/future-eclipses/eclipse-2024/live/

    Families who would like their students to participate in viewing events at their home school must complete the permission slip below (schools will also distribute) and return the form to school.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
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