• Did you know... ?  Student meal account balances automatically roll over to the student's account in the next school year!


    If you would like to request a refund of the balance in a student's DCPS meal account, you have the following options:

    a. Contact the DCPS Food Service Department via e-mail at foodservice@duvalschools.org. In the e-mail, you must provide the

    • Student's name
    • Student ID # or date of birth
    • School attended
    • Name the refund check should be made payable to (The payee must be a parent/guardian listed in the DCPS Student Information System at the time the refund is requested.)
    • The address the check should be sent to

    b. Download a Prepayment Refund form from this webpage and submit it via email to foodservice@duvalschools.org or fax it to 904-732-5157.

    c. Visit your student’s school cafeteria and request this form, complete it and return it to the cafeteria manager, email it, or fax to 904-732-5157.

    * Please remember to disable the "Automatic" feature before requesting a refund to prevent future drafts if you are using MySchoolBucks.com to fund your student's account.

    * All refund requests must be received in writing.

    * Refunds cannot be issued to a person not listed as a parent/guardian in the DCPS SIS without proof of funding.   

    * Please allow 2-3 weeks for the refund check to be received via postal mail.



    If you would like to transfer some or all of the balance of a student's account into another student's account, please submit the request same as the refund. Please provide the amount to be transferred from one student to the other.  A mailing address is not required.


    You may contact the DCPS Food Service Office if you have any questions or require additional assistance at 904-732-5145.


    Process for Refund or Transfer of Funds - Printable

    Prepayment Refund or Transfer Request Form - Printable

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.