• DCPS Laptops for Students

The Goal

  • Our mission is to ensure students have access to learning materials both at school and at home. 

    • Elementary School - Elementary students have access to laptops throughout the day while in school. Additionally, through a special grant called the Emergency Communications Fund (ECF) grant, we are able to provide take-home laptops to students regardless of grade level while supplies last.   

    • Middle/High School - Secondary students are assigned laptops to use at school and at home each school year. Parents and students can view info about their assigned laptop in OneView under the "My Devices" tab.

    See additional details below. 


Laptops for secondary students

Laptops available through the ECF grant

  • Who are these laptops for?

  • Do I have to apply?

  • How is eligibility determined?

  • What type of laptops are available?

  • Will students have to return laptops at the end of the year?

  • When and how will laptops be provided?

  • Does my student need to bring it to school for use?

  • Will students be able to take home the laptops?

  • Can my student receive a laptop if they have already received a district-issued laptop?

  • Is my student the only one who is permitted to use the device?

  • What happens if my student loses their laptop power cord?

  • What is the ECF grant?