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    Creating Lifelong Learners in Duval County Public Schools

  • It’s hard to think of a year more vital to a student’s success than kindergarten. The foundations of everything your child will learn from now until the 12th grade can be traced back to the skills learned in this ever-important time. What’s equally important is where your child enrolls in kindergarten. Parents and caregivers can trust their kindergartners to Duval County Public Schools.

    We are Jacksonville's leader in kindergarten enrollment. Our educators have more longevity and experience than anyone else in executing proven strategies that unlock your child’s potential. Our kindergarten teachers also have a lot of heart. We aim to ignite a passion that leads to a lifelong love of learning.

    Whether we’re teaching students how to read, problem-solve, express themselves, or interact with others, we know how to prepare kindergartners for long-term academic growth. Make kindergarten at Duval County Public Schools your child's first step to success in elementary, middle, high school, college, and beyond.

    Read our Frequently Asked Questions about the enrollment process.

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  • Kindergarten in Duval County Public Schools

    When it comes to implementing successful instructional strategies for kindergartners, we know what works. Our approach involves using tried and true research-based methods and specialized programs while constantly innovating and tailoring our teaching to each unique learner.

  • Dedicated Teachers Our kindergarten students are taught by highly-qualified, certified teachers.
  • Well-Rounded Curriculum We focus on reading, writing, science, math, health, social studies, art, music, and physical education.
  • Fun and Enriching Instruction This includes one-on-one work, group work, working in pairs, and blended online learning.
  • A Focus on the Future We're teaching the building blocks needed for advanced coursework such as college acceleration, career education, and STEM.
  • What our Students are Learning

    Our primary goal with kindergarten students is to introduce them to the world of education. We strive to teach our students the fundamentals while making instruction feel fun, playful, and creative.

    Above all, we want our students to love learning! If we can teach them to love books, counting, and asking questions, then that means we’re building a strong foundation for them to explore different interests and career paths in middle school and high school.


    A Typical School Day

    A typical day in a Duval County Public Schools kindergarten classroom is one full of fun, enriching activities geared toward building knowledge and stirring curiosity. Students are surrounded by friendly, caring staff who prioritize their success. Each day our kindergartners are forming friendships, tackling new challenges, and creating lasting memories. Some daily activities include:

    • Using letters and sounds to read and write
    • Making sense of numbers through counting, putting them together, and taking them apart.
    • Center time
    • Collaborative learning
    • Resources classes – either Art, Physical Education, or Music
    • Library time
    • Fun stretch breaks
    • Handwriting
    • Snack time
    • Blending Learning through the Waterford Online Program
    • Storytime
    • Recess

    Explore the sections below to learn the major academic milestones your child will master once they have completed kindergarten. Clicking on each subject will reveal a list of the state's instructional standards for that content area. 

  •  Duval County Kindergarten reading and writing

    English and Language Arts

    Foundational reading and writing skills are front and center in our kindergarten classrooms. Whether students are learning letters, sounds, or print concepts, they’re gaining the tools they need to grow as fluent readers in elementary, middle, and high school.

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  •  Kindergarten math


    Counting, sequential order, addition, and subtraction are among the major mathematical strategies our kindergarten students are tackling. By the year's end, students will understand a variety of foundational principles that will help transition them into more complex math in later years.

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  •  Jacksonville, FL kindergarten student


    Whether they’re using their five senses or conducting fun experiments, kindergartners are learning and exercising scientific knowledge and skills in new and exciting ways. Key scientific concepts we teach our students include observation, exploration, and collecting information.

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  •  duval county public schools kindergarten students

    Social Studies

    Through our social studies instruction, kindergarten students are being introduced to the world around them. Lessons include learning about basic landforms, differentiating between land and water features on a map, cardinal directions, and understanding U.S. symbols and holidays.

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  • kindergarten classroom in duval county


    Our health instruction encompasses social, emotional, and physical principles. Teachers will help kindergartners learn how to identify healthy behaviors, recognize body parts, show respect to others, demonstrate the ability to follow rules, and make healthy choices.

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  • Safety Measures and Protocols


    We believe a good education and student safety go hand in hand. Our administrators work closely with school police to implement measures that create a safe, welcoming environment and provide peace of mind. Below are some of the safety measures and protocols we take daily with your kindergartner in mind.

  • Security Presence at Every Elementary School

  • Building Safeguards and Protocols

  • Our Procedures for Safe Student Dismissal

  • Kindergarten Bus Riders and Walkers

Frequently Asked Questions: Kindergarten Enrollment & Registration

  • How old does my child need to be to attend kindergarten in Duval County?

    Your child must be 5 years of age on or before Sep. 1 of the year they are to be enrolled in Kindergarten.


    When does kindergarten enrollment open in Jacksonville, Florida?

    Kindergarten enrollment with Duval County Public Schools typically opens up in January for the following school year.


    How do I enroll my child in kindergarten at Duval County Public Schools?

    You can begin the enrollment process online or at any of our schools in five simple steps. Visit our district enrollment page to learn more about the requirements, the necessary documents, and more.


    How do I find the right school for my child?

    Duval County Public Schools is a school choice district, which means we have many options for elementary programs and locations across the city to send our children to school. To learn more about our schools, visit our Enrollment and School Choice page.