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Student Item Pickup/Return School Materials

Beginning the week of May 26 parents will have the opportunity to pick up student belongings and return any borrowed materials (library books, materials from teachers, ect.) We ask that parents place a card on the dashboard with the student’s name, grade, and teacher. If you have more than one child please place a card for each child on your dash. If you ordered a yearbook for your child, their yearbook will be in their bag of belongings. Please see the day and times for pick up below:

Last name:
A-C Tuesday May 26 9:00-1:00
D-G Wednesday May 27 9:00-1:00
H-L Thursday May 28 9:00-1:00
M-Q Friday May 29 9:00-1:00
R-S Monday June 1 9:00-1:00
T-Z Tuesday June 2 9:00-1:00
Any items remaining Wednesday June 3 11:00-1:00