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Parents and Guardians: Five Things to Do

Duval County Public Schools is implementing new processes to adapt school to the COVID-19 environment. As we all prepare to get back to school, parents and guardians need to do five very important things. 

1. Determine your option for enrollment

Review the information on the website and determine if your child will attend at-school or take advantage of the home learning options available. To learn more about the options click the appropriate school level.

Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten




Exceptional Student Education


2. Choosing online? Register for your online option (If you are going back to your school, skip this one and see number 3)

If you are choosing at-home learning through Duval HomeRoom, you can register until July 31. Registration will be available through FOCUS, our online student and parent information portal. To register for HomeRoom, you will need a parent FOCUS account linked to your children. See number three below to set up your FOCUS account. 

If your child would like to switch to the Duval Virtual Instruction Academy for the year (a fully online school with 10 years of experience in online education), you can begin that registration process on their website here

If your child is planning to attend school in-person, your school may send you a survey to assist with their planning, but there is no additional registration process. 

To learn more about each attendance and enrollment option, return to number one above, and click the appropriate link for your child's grade level.


3. Make sure you have a parent FOCUS account, you link your student to your Focus account, and you provide phone and email contact information

Almost all district processes are moving to online, web-based systems. Families who do not have internet access at home can use the family computer stations at each school. If you do not have a parent FOCUS account, now is the time to set it up. If you have an account, please review your phone and email contact information. Make sure you have given the district permission to contact you so you do not miss important information about your child's education. Access FOCUS and FOCUS account set up here. Once you have set up your parent account, remember to use the "Link Student"  button to connect your children to your account. New families, note: If your child is brand new to the district, you will be able to "link" your account to your child's account on July 20, and at that time you will be able to register for Duval HomeRoom. 

4. Riding the school bus? Register in FOCUS for a bus stop assignment (If you don't ride the bus, skip to number five)

If your child will be riding the bus to school this year, you will need to register for a bus stop. This is a new process.  Once you register, your child will be assigned to a bus stop based on your home address. Bus stop registration will be available in FOCUS on July 20.

First, ensure your home address is correct in FOCUS. If it is not correct, you must visit your school with appropriate documentation to change your address. Once your address is correct, please go back into FOCUS on July 20 and indicate that your child will ride the bus. Check back into FOCUS  after Aug. 13, and you will see your assigned bus stop. Please use only your assigned stop and make sure your child has a face covering to ride the bus. 

5. Are you planning for your child to return using the in-school option? Review the steps we are taking to reduce the possibility of spreading COVID-19 in our school buildings. Visit our Health and Safety page.