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June 15, 2022

June 15, 2022, Sales Surtax Oversight Committee Meeting



Committee Members Present:  Hank Rogers, Terry Brady, Allison Busuttil, Joe Carlucci, Lynette Clinch, Rachel Duff, Brian Evans, Dedee Harper, Kelly Pourciau, and Monique Tookes

Duval Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Diana Greene (non-voting) was also present.


Call Meeting to Order

Chair Hank Rogers called the meeting to order at 10:07 a.m.

Recognition and welcome was given to Board Member Cindy Pearson, District 3.


Approval of the June 15, 2022 Agenda

Chairman Hank Rogers requested that the Agenda order be changed to try to accommodate a quorum for voting.  All present approved. No quorum present.


Public Comment

Susan Aertker

Ms. Aertker provided discussion on Florida State Statute 1013.62(5) Conversion of Charter School Capital Outlay Funds.


Charter School Presentations - KIPP

KIPP Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Archie Bouie presented a PowerPoint presentation (see attached) on KIPP Jacksonville Public Schools

Discussion was held following the presentation by Committee Member Monique Tookes who requested that Dr. Bouie become more familiar with what is available in the area in an effort to offer this information to parents, so they are fully informed. Committee Member Allison Busuttil requested the information provided be separated by KIPP facility to show the expenditures for each.


Charter School Presentations – Duval Mycroschool

Duval Mycroschool Principal, Ms. Rachel Maldonado presented a PowerPoint presentation (see attached) on Duval Mycroschool Public School.


Items to be Discussed

Assistant Superintendent of Operations, Paul Soares and Executive Director of Design and Construction Services, Byron Page gave a PowerPoint presentation (see attached) on the June 2022 Briefing Citizens Oversight Committee.  Discussion included:

  • Year 1 and Year 2 Safety and Security Projects
  • Code Red Audio Enhancements & Storefront locks on all schools.
  • Ajax Contract
    • Request was made from Committee Member Terry Brady for specific small business/minority business subcontractors that are being utilized on the construction sites for new schools
    • Breakdown of work by subcontractor by zip codes that are receiving work from contracts was requested
  • Future Focus
    • Communication with Principals and Community to keep them all well informed of progress
    • How it is decided which buildings will be built to fortress standards (hurricane shelter) was explained


Chief Financial Officer, Michelle Begley gave a PowerPoint Presentation Sales-Surtax Oversight Committee Financial Services & Charter Schools Presentation.  Discussion included:

  • Charter School Quarter Report Training
    • All charter schools were invited to attend in person and virtual sessions; however, all sessions have been virtually and well attended.
  • School security
  • Differences in total amount collected verses amount shown on Dashboard were explained as a delay in updating the website. Request was made to have the website accurately reflect the correct numbers in a timelier manner.


Update from the Office of General Counsel

Office of General Counsel, Ray Poole provided an update from a recent Florida School Board Attorney Association meeting.  Superintendent, Dr. Diana Greene, and Duval Mycroschool Principal Rachel Maldonado joined in the discussion on the following:

  • New Legislation effective July 1, 2022, on Charter School financial reporting requirements.
    • No additional reporting requirements for Charter Schools unless unsatisfactory rating.  It was stated that Duval County Public Schools goes above and beyond the State’s requirements regarding reporting but does not have the authority to require Charter Schools to follow DCPS guidelines of reporting. In the event there is an issue with Charter School not providing requested information, it should be noted by the committee as such.
    • It was noted that not every county that has a sales surtax has an oversight committee


Approval of Minutes

No quorum


Proposed Policy Update – Policy 9.66, Sales Surtax Oversight Committee

Moved to next meeting


Next Meeting

Next meeting will be Wednesday, September 21, 2022, at 1:00 p.m.



The meeting was adjourned at 12:04 p.m.






Minutes were taken by Connie Ricks-Henley, Administrative Assistant, Board Office


These minutes were approved at the November 16, 2022 Sales Surtax Oversight Committee Meeting.



*****For attachments or presentations from the meetings, please email Ashley Barr, Director, Strategic Planning/Grants