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September 21, 2022

September 21, 2022, Sales Surtax Oversight Committee Meeting



Committee Members Present:  Hank Rogers, Rachel Duff, Monique Tookes, Terrie Brady, Lawrence Dennis, Joe Carlucci, Allison Busuttil

Duval Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Diana Greene (non-voting) was also present.


Call Meeting to Order

Chair Hank Rogers called the meeting to order at 1:13 p.m.

Recognition and welcome was given to Board Member Cindy Pearson, District 3 and Dr. Diana Greene, Superintendent.


Approval of the September 21, 2022 Agenda

No quorum present.


Public Comment

Robert Stanford

Dashboard- change column

Susan Aertker

Charter School presentation concerns

4-KIPP Schools- Prior Questions- new questions about KIPP allocations and charter allocations of Sales Surtax Funds (101.3624), dashboard- unencumbered funds

Marion Tischler

Dist. 3, comment on there being no quorum

Ms. Tischler provided a typed public comment statement (see attached)

Chair Rogers

Acknowledged how the committee communicates and operates and responds to the public and their goal to improve the committee’s work.

Recommendation of original 9.66 quarterly proposal and changes will support having a quorum.



Approval of Minutes: Feb. 23,2022, Regular Meeting; April 20, 2022, Regular Meeting; June 15, 2022, Regular Meeting

No Quorum to approve minutes

Hank Rogers verified a quorum is 10+


Items to be Discussed

Yearly Meeting Schedule

Chair Rogers referenced 9.66 proposed changes to assist with having a quorum, meeting quarterly and special meetings.


Proposed Policy Update – Policy 9.66, Sales Surtax Oversight Committee

Moved to next meeting


Charter School Presentations – SOS Academy

Principal Rhodesia Butler gave a presentation on SOS Academy (see attached)- 10 min.


Committee inquired about parent organizations questioning surtax funds, Principal Butler responded with examples of the increase in parent reactions to renovations and increases in their involvement and SAC Committee.

Operations Update

Assistant Superintendent of Operations, Paul Soares and Executive Director of Design and Construction Services, Byron Page gave a PowerPoint presentation (see attached).

Discussion included:

  • 7 projects and metrics
  • Project delays and security test sites
  • CBRE Forecasting
  • Swing Plan Introduction
  • Suggestions were made by the committee to include more technical ease on the dashboard.
  • Chair Rogers inquired about the high costs of safety and security charges and Paul Soares explained the group included 9 schools instead of 6 which raised costs.
  • Paul Soares responded to a committee inquiry reiterating an upcoming COJ/ BM Jones meeting to give the community an understanding of demolition action.


Finance Update

Chief Financial Officer, Michelle Begley gave a PowerPoint Presentation Sales-Surtax Oversight Committee Financial Services & Charter Schools Presentation. 

Discussion included:

  • Funding Overview – displayed by calendar year
  • Quarter 1 Summary & Observations
  • Michelle Begley responded to a committee inquiry about charter’s use of mileage/ funds referencing the funds are applied against what’s specified in board policy.
  • Michelle Begley responded to a committee inquiry about charter school expansions and explained the FLDOE determines if a charter school expansion stays the same or becomes a new MS ID number (new school location). MS .Begley ensured DCPS’s process for tracking is consistent through monthly criteria and compliance check-ins.



Approval of Minutes

No quorum


Next Meeting

Next meeting will be November 16, 2022, 10:00a.m. – 12:00p.m.

Chair Rogers shared with the committee updates that promote user friendliness on current and future facilities plans on the website and asked to start collecting community feedback for the committee to address.

It was suggested by the committee to propose that the Board include more inclusive links and media for the public to receive and share through social media and other platforms.


The meeting was adjourned at 2:27 p.m.


Minutes were taken by Megan Mihalik, Coordinator, Strategic Planning


These minutes were approved at the November 16, 2022 Sales Surtax Oversight Committee Meeting.



*****For attachments or presentations from the meetings, please email Ashley Barr, Director, Strategic Planning/Grants